How to Create a Video Landing Page and Boost Conversions

Hanson Cheng

Building a website and landing page takes a lot of effort and resources. But even after all that hard work, only 4% of visitors that land on your website will be ready to give you a sale. 

For marketers, this may spell doom for their business. Fortunately, there are ways to stop the high bounce rates.

You can optimize your website for lead generation by adding a video landing page to your sales funnel. Yes, a video landing page not only leaves a lasting impression on your visitors but can also boost conversion by 86%

In this article, we'll discuss what a video landing page is, its benefits, and how to create one and boost conversions.

Let's get started. 

What is a video landing page?

A video landing page is a landing page with a video embedded in it. The video explains the working or value of your product or service to a visitor or prospect. Here’s an example of a landing page with a video that features customer stories.

Benefits of using a video landing page

  1. Improves trust: videos give people a sense of who you are. For example, when the CEO is in the video or you give people a tour of your premises, it brings some sense of honesty and genuineness to what you do.
  1. More persuasive than text: 84% of consumers admit making a purchase decision after being convinced by a video.
  1. Videos are easy to share: videos may go viral on social media and community forums. Adding it to a landing page improves your marketing effort.
  1. Increases engagement on your page: personalized videos are hard to ignore, especially if tailored to meet a reader's interest or help a visitor reach their goals. They also hook the visitor, making them stick around.
  1. Boasts sales: 83% of marketers admit videos helped them generate more leads while another 80% admit videos have better ROI. This is because video content gets attention and improves customer connection.
  1. Pitching complex subject: when your product has several walkthroughs, you are better off explaining it through demo video rather than text. Here is an example of how the Squatty Potty works.

How to create a video landing page

The biggest challenge with videos is it is time-consuming and challenging to produce. But that doesn't mean you limit its use. Here's how to add a video on your landing page and boost conversion.

1. Start with your goals

Before you embark on creating a video for your landing page, revisit your business and landing page's goals. What you are trying to achieve affects the design and content to include. Hence, look at your offer and campaign and its effects on your niche market. 

Some goals include:

  • Registering people for an event 
  • Looking to capture new leads 
  • Spread the word about your brand

In essence, if your business goal is sales, your landing page goal should help a visitor move forward in the sales cycles.

2. Decide on the video to use

Once you have isolated your landing page goals, it is easy to settle on the videos to create. Using editing software in unison with a tool like Bonjoro, you can make these types of videos:

  • Demo videos: these videos aim to show value. Here, you show how your product can help a user. 
  • Explainer videos: explainer videos are used to pitch solutions to a problem or introduce a new or complex product.
  • Customer testimonials: they aim to increase the trust and credibility of your product. You may need to convince your customers with a bit of social proof. Here is an example from autopilot, where customers share how the product has helped them meet their business goals.

3. Compress your videos

Humans have a short attention span. Your videos need to be short yet capture users' attention to the end. 

Thus, aim not to get the users overwhelmed. Studies suggest that the best videos for landing pages should be under two minutes unless in extreme circumstances will a video be longer than two minutes.

4. Show visitors the benefits

There is a reason people want to watch videos. Not only to be entertained or engaged but also to understand your message. Hence, share with the visitor what your message or video is all about. Tell them why they need to subscribe to your product and not the competitor. 

You can focus on your beliefs, culture, company story, or share how your product will help the customer. 

E-commerce SaaS product, CarStack has an excellent way of telling visitors how their product will help them. 

5. Include a call-to-action

Call-to-actions such as start your free trial now, get my free e-book now or book a meeting should get a lead to complete the desired action. They should be in line with the landing page goals and highly visible on the videos so that if the customer misses the CTA on other parts of the landing page, they can click on the one on the video. 

6. Include a thumbnail

Thumbnails give the visitor power to decide whether to watch a video or what video to watch. It also gives you the ability to showcase several videos to your customers. 

You can pique the interest of your visitors by adding GIFs on thumbnails or animations in the background. Altogether, it needs to be enticing and relevant, with easy-to-read text and company logo embedded in them. 

7. Optimize your videos for SEO

Your video landing page needs to be visible in search. Therefore, implement the correct SEO strategies so that search engines know what your video is all about. You can optimize your videos by adding captions, metadata, XML Sitemaps, title tag, headlines, and image files. 

Remember to look out for page speed and load times, too. Avoid using auto-play in your videos, which may slow your video and landing page load time. These strategies will help search engines interpret your video and boost your overall ranking. 

8. Video position

Another factor that will improve the success of your video landing page is the page placement of the video. If the video is placed too far below the fold or overshadowed by text, your visitors may not see it. To ensure website visitors quickly notice your videos:

  • You may delete website design elements that may make a visitor not focus on the video. 
  • Website sidebars and surrounding text should be at a bare minimum. 
  • Ensure the video is above the fold, so visitors do not scroll up or down to see it. However, if the video is below the fold, let it follow supporting text or content like in the example below from ReferralCandy.

Boosting conversions with a video landing page

Many online businesses today use landing pages for various purposes. Some have multiple of them, each showing viewers different offers. To effectively boost your landing page performance, add relevant videos to it. 

A video landing page helps you capture the audience's attention and build trust by telling customers about your product. These factors help improve the onboarding process as they hook the customer, making them invest in your business.


About the Author:

Hanson Cheng is the founder of Freedom to Ascend. He empowers online entrepreneurs and business owners to 10x their business and become financially independent. You can connect with him here.

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