How to Collect Customer Testimonials on Autopilot (+ Method for Best Response Rates)

James Borjeson

I recently built a nifty new workflow for us here at Bonjoro so I wanted to share it with you.

In short, when someone completes our Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) with a 4 or 5, they receive a video from someone at Bonjoro asking if they would like to provide us with a video testimonial.

Using a video to request a testimonial is the perfect way to get super-high response rates, so you never have to chase people up again for a testimonial.

Plus it's a super easy process, and works whether you are using CSAT, NPS, or any other customer feedback metric that indicates a customer is enjoying your product.

Read on to find out how to link your tools together to auto-magically collect incredible customer testimonials for your website or socials.

The tl;dr Summary

Here's a quick breakdown of what you'll need to get this process up and running. I've linked each one to a help doc, so once you're ready to do this yourself, you have a guide for each step of the process inside Bonjoro.

For collecting your testimonials, you'll need:

For sending your personalised testimonial requests you'll need:

  • An integration with your customer feedback tool - so you can request testimonials from customers who leave a high score.
  • A dedicated video template - to use when sending your testimonial request.
  • A dedicated workspace - to manage your testimonial request campaign inside Bonjoro.

Outside of Bonjoro you will need:

  • A fun attitude
  • Some gratitude (you are asking for a favour after all)
  • A fun hat or shirt or something? This bit isn't mandatory but it helps.

N.B. Sending a video to request your testimonial is optional. If you just want to send the testimonial request link to your customer automatically, you can simply add it to any email automation triggered from a positive customer feedback score.

The Nifty Step-by-Step Guide

Here's my whole process top to bottom, so you can copy along.

The first thing I did was create a testimonial project.

This is the main part of the puzzle as it's where we get the actual feedback we want to share on our website. Scroll down to see our example Wall Of Love - you'll be able to create something similar with your testimonials.

Next I created a dedicated Workspace in the video messaging side of Bonjoro. This is where the people that answer our Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) will land, so I can send them a video request.

I created a simple template with one CTA button, as I only wanted to give them one action after watching the video: completing their testimonial. A short message with a simple background and a clear CTA, linked to the testimonial request form.

Once those two things are done, it was time to set up the integration to automate the process.

Working on the "If this, then that" logic of our integrations:

IF someone responds to our CSAT survey with an answer above 3, THEN add them to our testimonial workspace.

The integration also brings through custom attributes set up that tell us:

  • their name;
  • what product they reviewed;
  • their usage of that product;
  • what their score was; and
  • have they referred anyone to us before

It also auto assigns to one of us in the team and adds the pre-made template to the task so we don't need to manually select it.

We then send them a 1:1 video when prompted. You can see in this example below, I have a new task to record a video for Kim, who gave us a 5 out of 5 on the CSAT.

At first, you will get an influx of responses and it might feel like a big ask. The beauty of this though is that there is no time crunch, so if you do 2-3 a day, it only takes a couple of minutes and they quickly add up to some amazing results. Check out our homepage for a live example of our results so far, then go try it yourself.

To read more about the power of customer testimonials, including all the latest tactics being used by the fastest growing companies, check out our Testimonial Playbook, or read our recent article about how to collect and share video testimonials on your social media.

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