How to Collect Customer Testimonial Videos to Share on Social-Media

Oliver Bridge

In this quick article I’m going to show you how to collect and share video testimonials to your social media, to wow your audience, and get more traffic and leads flowing to your website.

The whole process takes around 30 minutes the first time, then just a couple of minutes once you’ve done it before. Honestly, it’s a piece of cake.

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Ready? Here goes.

How to collect video testimonials for your social media

Step 1: collecting your video testimonials

So first up, if you don’t already have an account, go and visit Bonjoro Testimonials and create a free account. You get to collect three free video testimonials with Bonjoro before you even have to think about paying which is cool.

Then once you’re in, just click on the testimonials tab at the top. This is where you collect, manage, and publish testimonials from your customers using Bonjoro.

Next up you need to create a testimonial request form. This is basically a survey link that you send to your customer. I won’t cover this part in detail, here, but here's a video showing you how it's done, or if you prefer reading check our help doc here.

Once you’ve created a testimonial request you just need to send it to your customer. So I'm going to show you what this looks like from your customer’s point of view. (Click here to see an example testimonial request form)

So all you need to do is copy the link to the request you've made and send this to your customer.

If you’re wondering what instructions to put, and how to ensure you get the best response rates, watch this best-practice session we hosted for our customers.

So this is what your customer will see when you send them a testimonial request:

And it runs them through giving you either video testimonials or written testimonials. You can select if you want just video, just written, or both, before sending your request.

So they can record a response, upload a response, or type their response. If you just want to collect video responses for your social media, make sure to deselect written responses before sending your request form to your customer.

And as they go through it all uploads into your Bonjoro account, and all these videos come back to you instantly.

Right near the end of the request, you can collect any assets that you need, like profile photos, their job title.

And just before they click submit, they give you consent to use their testimonial. So you've got peace of mind you can use and share them wherever you want.

Once you start receiving your video responses, you’ll see them in your project here:

I'm going to grab a video testimonial that one of my customers has given me. This one here:

Click here to watch it if you like

So let's download this to your computer, ready for sharing on your social media. Click on the little download button here.

Step 2: adding social media friendly subtitles to your video testimonials

So you’ve got a video testimonial from your customer, ready to go.

Let’s make it super friendly for anyone watching it on your social media channels.

To do this for free, we’re going to use Descript (download it here). Descript is an incredible tool that lets you edit videos and pull transcripts. Honestly, it’s genius.

N.B. To upload videos you’ll need to get the desktop version of Descript.

Ok, once you’ve done that, upload your video to Descript, by clicking here and selecting the video testimonial you downloaded from Bonjoro.

Okay, here we go. This is a very cool bit. You can now play back your video and edit any mistakes in the transcript using this neat little “correct” function. So it's got the name wrong here. I just click “correct” and change it.

How cool is that?

Then just quickly breeze through the rest of your video checking for any errors. Good? Okay.

So once you’re happy with this transcript, just click up here on ‘share’ then go to export and select “subtitles”.

And that is done! 

Step 3: sharing your video testimonials on social media

So you’ve got your testimonial video from Bonjoro.

You’ve got your transcript from Descript.

And now you’re ready to hop over to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok, to share your video with the world.

I'm going to show you how you can upload this as a testimonial to your Twitter account. But it’s super easy to do on any social platform, and because Bonjoro video files are high-res, your video will look super sharp and clear when you share it.

So, type up your social media post ready to share. Then put in your video by clicking here.

Then just under here, there's a little ‘upload caption file .srt’ - this is where we're going to grab our srt file that we got using Descript. Upload that in.

Click done, and play your video back. You'll see the subtitles are coming up now.

And that is ready to go.

Then just click ‘tweet’ and you are home and dry. Your amazing video testimonial is ready for the world to see!

How easy was that?

Step 4: Collect your first video testimonial for free now

If you’re excited to try this out yourself all you need to do is go head to Bonjoro, sign up for an account, and follow the steps above.

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