How to Send Personalised Christmas Videos with Bonjoro [2019 Updated]

Author Avatar Oliver Bridge wrote this on Dec 12, 2019

Running out of time to send Christmas cards and gifts to your favourite customers and suppliers? Fear not! Here's your step-by-step guide to delighting them with personalised Christmas video-emails instead.

It'll take you about 5 minutes to create your festive video template with Bonjoro, then about 30 seconds to record each video with Bonjoro's web or mobile apps (on iOS or Android).

We figure that's a hefty saving on a trip to the shops, postage stamps, and time-spent writing the same message over and again in pen. Not to mention the plastic and paper you'll avoid using.

Why send Christmas videos?

Here’s just a few simple reasons to send Christmas Bonjoros this year:

- Connect with customers on a personal level at a special time of year

- Generate more interest in your business, and create word of mouth by doing something unique

- Stay front of mind with customers, and open more opportunities as we head into the New Year

- Revel in amazing feedback and genuine surprise from recipients. Just another boost to your Christmas spirit!

- Lots of free coffee and beer in 2020. Just ask Mike (our developer) about this - he sent over 500 last year and was inundated with free stuff in January!

Here’s a simple step by step guide to sending your own videos, and spreading a little bit of festive delight to your customers...

Step 0. Get your FREE Bonjoro account

If you haven't tried Bonjoro yet, go sign up now. It lets you send video-emails to leads and customers at just the right moment to convert and delight them. It's super simple to use, and there's a no obligation FREE 14 day trial where you'll get the full Bonjoro experience.

Signed up now? OK, continue to step 1...

Step 1. Create your Christmas Message Template

Bonjoro message templates save you time sending videos. Each template links together your video-email design, video landing page, and call-to-action. In this case that means you'll only need to create ONE template to record your videos with, vs. buying and writing out tens, or hundreds, of individual Christmas cards for customers and clients!

Please note: Multiple message templates is only available on our paid plans. You get 3 templates on the $25pm Startup plan, and 10 templates on the $45 Grrrowth plan. You can check out full details of our plans here.

Here's a quick video showing you the full process, or for a step by step guide read on...

Head over to the Message Templates tab in your Bonjoro web account, and click "Create New Template"

OK, first up let's give your template a name. Type in your template name here, something like "Christmas Template 2019"

Then next up let's tailor the landing page design of your Christmas Bonjoro video.

Add a festive background by clicking [Set Background]. This will load up a simple image uploader, and ask you to upload your image. You can upload one of the festive backgrounds we created for you here, or find one of your own via a quick Google search.

Select your image then click Save, and this will return you to the main template editor, where you'll see your festive background, like this:

OK, next up, let's tailor the Call to Action button. Click on the [Edit CTA] button

Then update the name of the CTA and update the URL it links to. My personal favourite "CTA hack" is to link to something jolly and delightful, something like a Youtube video of Elton John's "Step into Christmas". This means when you record your video, you can say "hey and click on that button and have a little festive boogie on me!"

Here’s a few fun ideas for your own CTAs.

Try linking to:

- A discount for the recipient to redeem for Xmas or New Year

- Your company Christmas video/calendar/photo

- A funny YouTube video to bring a little joy to their day

- Your calendar to arrange a Christmas drink or lunch

It could be anything. But the medium of delivery elevates the experience of receiving the gift to completely new heights.

OK, background done. CTA done. Let's tweak the email template. Click on [Email Template], and update the subject line and default message text. The message text is the prompt that sits alongside your video to encourage them to view it. I'll leave what you write here up to you, but remember, you just want to pique their curiosity, not tell them all the same stuff that's in the video - use the video to deliver your heartfelt greeting!

And...that's it! Once you click [Save] your final Message Template should looks something like this:

Step 2. Add your contacts to your Bonjoro Tasklist

Option 1 - adding via Gmail and phone contacts

If you just have a few special customers you want to send to, simply open up your mobile app and use the Gmail or Phone contacts option shown here:

Option 2 - adding via a CSV upload

If you have an existing spreadsheet you can upload them to Bonjoro via CSV like this.

Now here is the cool bit. You can now add a reason for sending this Bonjoro, so you or your team members can quickly tell it’s a Christmas Bonjoro.

This now makes it super easy to identify your Christmas specific Bonjoros vs. any other you are sending. Like this:

Option 3 - adding contacts automatically via our dedicated or Zapier integrations

You can easily automate this whole process by using our Workflows editor, to pull contacts in from your own CRM. You can see how to connect your CRM, and automatically create contacts in your Tasklist here

As above, when you set up your automation, you can give it a reason like "Christmas Bonjoros", so you can easily identify your Christmas tasks vs. any others you are already sending with Bonjoro.

Pro Tip: Add an emoji to your Reason field, so they are easier to pick-out in your Tasklist

Step 3. Make it rain. I mean, snow!

That’s it, you’re all set. Just get sending and wait for the love to pour back in from delighted customers!

Here’s some of the feedback our developer Mike received from the 500 Christmas Bonjoros he sent last year…

“Mike you are seriously the best!!! This made my day, how bout we grab coffee and a beer when we all get back from holidays!”

“Thanks for the video. That was really cool! I’m forwarding it for our product manager to check out. Merry Christmas!”

“Good to hear from you, Merry Christmas”.

“Thank you so much for the Christmas message sent in real style.”

In fact, I got sent a Christmas Bonjoro by one of our most-excellent partners just yesterday. It was my very first "real-life" Christmas Bonjoro, and I was so blown away, I just had to share my delight with the world via Twitter...

Good luck with your festive Bonjoros. If you'd like to send some festive cheer to the Bonjoro team (and who wouldn't?), we'd be chuffed if you ping one to or tweet us @bonjoroapp.

Merry Christmas!

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