How Clickfunnels Added $20,000 to their MRR With a Unique Onboarding Approach

Casey Hill

Founded in 2014, Clickfunnels quickly hopped onto the scene and became a go-to name in the world of funnel building and easy to set up web pages. 

Today the company is pressing towards $70m in Annual Recurring Revenue, has over a 100,000 customers and has a vast and vocal advocacy network. 

But Clickfunnels had a hurdle.

Clickfunnel's conversion problem:

In June of 2020, Clickfunnels meeting attendance rate for new trials was sitting around 40%. They tried all the conventional tips and tricks to increase demo show-up rates (calendar reminders, SMS, phone call confirmations etc.) but still, the rates hovered around 40%.

On top of that, Troy Hitt, the onboarding team manager, noted that new customers who purchased the OFA (OneFunnelAway program), were substantially more likely to convert and stick as paid users. Sales of the OFAs were mired in the 700’s and they were struggling to press the needle up. 

Clickfunnel's unique onboarding solution:

In late June of 2020, Clickfunnels decided to try and implement Bonjoro and personal video into their onboarding. Reps would record videos to try and increase meeting attendance or get a missed call to rebook AND to try and get more people to buy the OFA program. 

Troy laid out that their goals were:

  • Goal 1 was to get them to attend the meeting or reschedule.
  • Goal 2 was to get them to purchase OFA.

They would use videos like this:

Clickfunnels used Bonjoros both in a 1:1 context, as well as in a small group setting like the video attached above (this utilizes our Roll-ups feature).

Here is another example used, after a call is missed to try and get them to reschedule.

The Results:

The impact towards all of their key metrics were apparent in just a few months. Troy noted to me, “Our show up increased 48% to 59%! In a month where we have had less booked calls we are going to close the month with more sales than the previous 3 months.”

On top of that he noted that using Bonjoros also was hiking OFA sales, “That simple focus has moved the needle for some of my agents missing their goals by 5-7 more OFA sales per month. This is huge since we already have data that shows users stay longer when they have an onboarding plus OFA.“

Troy added, “One nugget I can give you is that the agent who had the most sales also sent the most videos!”.

The immediate impact of the OFA sales is adding close to $20k MRR, but the downstream impact from the meeting attendance bump and increased retention equates to well into the 6 figure range of MRR boost. That’s not bad for a $399/m investment. 

Increase your own trial conversions with video

If you've been inspired by Clickfunnels' story, don't be afraid to copy. Sign up for a free 14 day trial of Bonjoro and test Clickfunnels' unique approach to onboarding yourself.

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