How an executive coach increased conversions by 10% on high-ticket sales

Casey Hill

When you are talking about elite performers, from executives at CNN to leaders at Microsoft, where do they go when they hit a plateau? Typically we look to our organization’s leaders when we feel stuck… But what if you are the organization's leader? 

Well, then you might just want to connect with L. Michelle Smith

L. Michelle is a pioneering executive coach, CEO of No Silos Communication and her accolades could fill a novel: She is a globally renowned speaker, author, podcaster, professor…. I digress. 

When it comes to executive coaching, you're typically dealing with a small batch of very high value deals. When clients are signing up for five or six figure contracts, each new customer is hugely impactful to the bottom line. 

L. Michelle has always been an advocate for incorporating in technology and for focusing on keeping her communications personal. So when she stumbled on a new medium of communication that allowed her to be human and authentic and could also be incorporated into her processes into a systematic way, she was excited.

How L. Michelle uses video to unlock 10% more sales conversions

L. Michelle uses personal video emails in a wide range of ways to keep her human touch with all of her prospects and customers. We spoke to her to find out what they were, and how you can copy her success.

L. Michelle's top 3 methods:

1. Calendar bookings

Whenever someone books on her calendar through 17hats she has Zapier ping it over and create a Bonjoro video message task for her to record. Then, in real time, she can respond with a personal video to a new prospect.

Her goal is to set a concierge tone with her new prospects and build anticipation before a call. With the help of Zapier, it makes this process turnkey and saves her time.

2. Warming up relationships

She uses personal video in relation to her speaking engagements, her consultations, her community engagement efforts and for helping sell her micro-course. 

Her objective is to use videos to create deeper relationships with leads and customers. This can help not only with more sales, but also more word of mouth referrals, more advocacy and more reviews! L. Michelle creates transparency and openness in her brand by talking with video so people can see her facial expressions and body language!

3. Personalised tours

She uses the Bonjoro Chrome Recorder (which records her desktop screen) to give personalized tours through her course so people know exactly what they are getting. Check it out:

This course is something she sells primarily as an additional supplement to her existing customers. The people she is reaching out to here already know her value but these videos have taken her course sales through the roof. Let’s examine why this video is so effective in increasing course sales.

Why L. Michelle's video approach is so effective

It shows transparency:

Right off the bat in this video L. Michelle says “I want you to know exactly what you are getting” and it sets the tone for the deep-dive. She walks people not only through the entire structure of the course so they can decide if this is right for them, but she speaks throughout the video to the why behind different modules and their significance. People want to feel like they are making a good investment when they buy a course and this transparent approach to showing them the course in advance is a phenomenal way to help them feel comfortable. 

She uses screen record plus webcam:

Do you notice that as she is showing her screen, you see her in the bottom left talking? This allows her to continue to gain all the benefits of personal video, things like body language, tone and facial expressions, while using the screen record to display the course. This is definitely the best mode of personal video to use.

She speaks like a friend:

Trust is built through familiarity. People trust people they can relate to. L. Michelle’s videos are a masterclass in personal communication (which I guess should be no surprise as this is one of her specializations!). She is down to earth, she connects to the viewers pain points, she acknowledges struggles they might have, she paints a picture of where they could be. Personal video is at its best when it doesn’t feel scripted. When personal video is raw, off-the-cuff and real, viewers feel that connection.

Here is another video she does as a form of community engagement:

Imagine instead of your routine newsletters or social media updates people got from your brand, they got an actual video from you bringing them up to speed. Watch that video above and you will see the energy and engagement that it fosters.

What are L Michelle's video engagement rates like?

L. Michelle's engagement rates are through the roof.

She showed me through her analytics dashboard in Bonjoro, and she is averaging 76% open rates, 86% watch rates and 22% reply rates. With industry averages hovering around 15-20% for email marketing, that is a huge difference. 

She also shared an amazing hack I had never heard before! It goes like this.

Because Bonjoro gives you the raw URLs as well, L. Michelle also uses this to text message clients! She simply grabs the URL of the original video she sent, and slots it into a text message she sends through her CRM.

Here's how you can do this too:

-> Send your video to their email.
-> Navigate to the Bonjoro Results tab.
-> Click the "Open Original" CTA and use that URL to text them.

If you only have a phone number (or nothing at all), you can still do this using the Bonjoro Chrome recorder.

-> Download the free Bonjoro Chrome screen recorder
-> Record your video
-> Click on the video you recorded from the Recordings tab
-> Click "Share" and then copy the link into an SMS message.

According to Campaign Monitor, SMS gets nearly 98% open rates so it’s a great way to get more bandwidth out of your video.

Level up your own course conversions

In the book Superfans by Pat Flynn, they talk about the vital importance of sharing passions with your customers if you want to build a community.

L. Michelle helps create that bond through personal videos that showcase her expertise, her personality and her dynamic spirit, and it’s no surprise that word-of-mouth is a primary driver of L. Michelle’s business growth, as her customers spread the word of her incredible impact.

If you are looking to create course content that converts or to elevate your game as a high performing professional, give L. Michelle a ring, or heck, better yet, send her a personal video with a free 14 day trial of Bonjoro

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