How an eCommerce store increased repeat customer purchases by 21%

Casey Hill

Carole is the founder of Emujoy, an eCommerce brand that sells oils from the Emu bird to help with a wide range of ailments.

While Emujoy had been growing slowly, Carole was looking for a way to build better relationships with her customers. In her market, she realized that:

1. Educating the customers about the benefits of Emu oil was critical

2. Learning from her customers what they were looking to get out of the purchase was also an invaluable insight.

But unfortunately, her standard automated emails that were going out seemed to be getting low engagement. 

Because of this, she wasn’t getting to know her customers like she knew was necessary to take things to the next level. 

How Carole solved her low engagement

In early 2021 Carole stumbled upon Bonjoro. 

She connected her Shopify store so that each time a new customer purchase came through, she would get a notification and could easily click and record a personal welcome to the new customer. 

Not only does welcome them, but she asks them key relationship building questions, like “Why did you order?” and “How did you find out about us?”.

Here is an example video:

Here is another one:

A key part of building a relationship is creating a conversation. A conversation is started by asking questions and engaging a new prospect or customer.

By adopting this style in her welcome videos, Carole not only gets the customer talking and sharing, which will increase emotional connection and brand loyalty, but it also gives Carole deeply valuable insights on why her customers buy, which she can use to better target in her ads and better design her copy. 

The impact of video on Carole's eCommerce business

The impact of these welcome videos was huge for Carole’s business, driving a 21% hike in repeat customer purchases. It starts with the incredible engagement that these videos received.

Look at her stats after over a thousand sends:

Her response rate of 36% at that volume is one of the best I have seen in industry. I think that is a key element behind her repeat purchases growth. 

As Carole notes, “You have to see the responses I get. It creates an amazing amount of goodwill”.

She provided a few examples for us….

Her customers are effusive and thrilled with the personal attention and in turn show their support by being lifelong fans.

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If you've been inspired by Carole's story, why not try personal video yourself?

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