How an eCommerce company turned a £3 purchase into a £1000+ customer

Casey Hill

Bewilderbeest is a small eCommerce company based out of the UK that sells funny, absurd and creative cards and prints. 

In this article we'll show you how they built superfans and advocates from regular, low ticket buyers, but before we dive in, check out their website: They make amazing, high quality stuff, and you should absolutely grab a few of their cards to wow your friends (plus you can test how cool of a personal video you get).

Okay, now to get into the meat of it. 

How to solve a problem like LTV?

As a smaller brand, Iain and Maddy are acutely aware of the importance of repeat business and return customers. Loyal customers are the bedrock of their revenue as they don’t have the luxury to put massive amounts of money into facebooks ads or promos. 

Iain and Maddy were looking for a way to better engage and connect with their audience to help build those advocates and hopefully increase the CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value) of their shoppers. While the business was gaining customers gradually, the average spend still wasn’t where Iain was hoping. 

As well, they identified that with their brand, built on being silly, absurd and over the top, they needed additional ways to show people their brand ethos. 

Adding video to the buyer journey

In late 2019 Iain stumbled upon Bonjoro and personal videos as a possible way to deepen relationships with  both new opt-ins to their newsletter and new customers. 

He connected Bonjoro with his Shopify store so whenever a purchase or opt-in comes through, a Bonjoro task is created automatically. 

Here is an example of a video to a new opt-in:

It’s a brilliant way to expose people to the quirkiness of the brand and show customers how much they are valued. The artist behind all the work they follow is taking time out of his busy day to engage with them directly! 

He also uses videos to send to new customers, like this one:

Again, Iain uses humor, a great background and compelling CTA to engage with his customers.

Game changing results

The impact of these videos has been game changing. For one thing, in just a few months Iain’s store went from 10 reviews to over 160, gathering him substantially more customer proof. 

But even more impactful, has been the increase is customer spend from these videos. Iain told me in our interview,

“Recording Bonjoros has caused a lot of unexpected surprise and delight for our customers. Many of them have gone from buying a couple of cards to coming back to buy significantly more expensive items due to receiving a bonjoro (one person bought a single card in May and has since bought 2 originals, 4 prints and several more cards - that £3 purchase has led to around £1,000 in revenue, largely because the Bonjoro I sent completely hooked them. It's a much more personal experience and most people REALLY don't expect to have the person who designed and drew their card sending them a personalized message to thank them for their purchase. Our marketing approach has changed as a result."

Part of what helps facilitate these incredible relationships is the engagement rates. 

With over a thousand sends, having a 80%+ open rate is exceptional to say the least. 

One of the biggest takeaways I had from my chat with Iain is to get creative with your videos. Let your personality shine through and enjoy yourself. That makes your videos memorable and the effort authentic. 

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