How a Wellness Company got 39% Response Rates with Video Email

Casey Hill

The terrain of Dorinda’s life changed forever one Saturday morning when she found herself in an ambulance heading towards a major teaching hospital with sirens blaring and lights flashing. 

She would embark on what a friend later referred to as 'a two centre break she had no recollection of booking.' When she emerged two weeks later it was with a diagnosis of an incurable disease of the heart muscle.

It was a wake-up call and an event that set Dorina on her path to enabling people all over the world to experience stillness via recorded meditations.

Starting a business but struggling for customer engagement

Eventually Dorinda started a meditation business called Into Deeper Waters which focuses on building community, teaching lessons via recorded meditations, and equipping anyone to find their inner peace.

But whilst Dorinda was passionate about building relationships and connecting with people, she was struggling to find a way to get opt-ins or free trials to actually respond, give feedback, or engage with her emails.

Then she heard about Bonjoro at an event and decided to try personal video.

She gave it a shot and her engagement rates were through the roof. More than 30% of her new opt-ins were writing back!

Here is an example of a video Dorinda used to welcome new opt-ins:

Why Dorinda's videos are so effective for driving engagement

What is it about videos like this that make them so effective?

It is warm: I think one key to effective Bonjoros is to have positive and upbeat energy to them. If you come across as reading a script, it will be less impactful in building a relationship

Reference upcoming events:  Notice how she mentions being excited to chat with them on the next Zoom call? This is a great way to let your prospect or customer know you value time interacting with them. 

It is timely: In this video notice how she mentions how this task just popped up as a lovely surprise? Then she goes on to talk about the Zoom meeting next week? I think little notes like this make the video feel that much more personal. 

And speaking of timely, she also makes videos for holiday greetings, check out this amazingly personal note below

One of the best ways to use Bonjoro is to leverage personal context! Here are some ways to learn more about your prospects and customers:

  • Ask for it on an opt-in form
  • Host Zoom or meet-up sessions and get to know them
  • Ask questions on your social channels and get customers sharing

If you use one of Bonjoros native integrations, you can actually even have this customer context show up directly in your Bonjoro task!

By learning about your customers or prospects, you gain the fodder to make a substantially more personal and resonating message. 

Now I asked Dorinda, what did she attribute to her incredible success with the system and this is what she said.

Dorinda’s advice for getting responses from your video emails

“Feel the Fear and Do it Anyways”:

Dorinda describes herself as “not the most tech-savvy person”. While she loved the idea of video she admitted she was a bit daunted at first. I told her she was not alone and this is a common feeling, but then I asked, “What got you over the hump to becoming a long-term user?”. She said, “I felt the fear and did it anyway and now I can’t think of not using it after getting the results I did”.

I think this is an amazing message when it comes to personal video. Everyone feels a bit uneasy at first. Breakthrough that wall and on the other side are 39% reply rates (or something else awesome, you get the idea)!

Ask for help:

Connected a bit to the first idea, one of the things that Dorinda said she did in the early days was lean into Bonjoro’s support team to get everything clarified. While many of the major video players have cut back on human support, Bonjoro remains committed to having experienced, well-paid, and senior people on the front lines helping teams navigate this journey. 

Do it by a window for good lighting:

This one explains itself! She recommends being by an open window to get great lighting.

Be personal:

Dorinda said that one of her big pieces of advice was, “Be personal with it and take time on them”. I think this is sage advice. 

Break-through and get more replies with Bonjoro

Thinking of trying video yourself?

Grab your free 14 day trial of Bonjoro, and get more replies and customer engagement starting today!

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