How an e-Commerce store sends 100s of personal thank-you videos at scale to delight their customers

Oliver Bridge

Goat Milk Stuff, a family-run business based out of a charming rural location in Indiana, has been a thriving enterprise for over a decade.

In that time, they have not only established themselves as purveyors of high-quality goat milk-based products but have also successfully crafted a brand that resonates with their customers on a deeply personal level.

Their typical day-to-day operations involve milking their goats, crafting a diverse range of skincare and edible products, and managing a bustling e-commerce store. 

However, what truly sets Goat Milk Stuff apart is their unwavering commitment to customer service and their continuous pursuit of innovative ways to enhance the post-purchase experience.

Searching for the Perfect Post-Purchase Process

In 2018, Goat Milk Stuff recognized the need to further elevate their customer service game.

They had already implemented a range of strategies, but they were eager to offer something extra special to their patrons. It was during this quest that they stumbled upon Bonjoro, a personalized video messaging platform.

The concept that intrigued Goat Milk Stuff the most was the ability to send a heartfelt thank-you video to every customer immediately after their initial purchase. 

This approach would allow them to establish a connection with their customers even before the products reached their doorstep. By becoming fans of the brand before receiving their orders, customers were more likely to forgive any hiccups in the delivery process. They would also be more likely to order again and leave positive reviews.

It sounded like a win-win situation, so Goat Milk Stuff signed up, and got to work implementing their new customer thanking process.

Integrating their Shopify store with Bonjoro's video messaging platform

To seamlessly incorporate Bonjoro into their workflow, Goat Milk Stuff made full use of the platform's native integration with Shopify. 

This integration allowed them to create customized workflows that triggered the sending of personalized videos based on specific buyer events. For instance, videos could be sent upon the placement of a new order, order fulfillment, or when a customer made a repeat purchase.

Here's a glimpse of how their workflow was structured:

The workflow was triggered by the "order fulfilled" event in Shopify.

This event brought every new customer order into Bonjoro, tagged as a "video task," so that the Goat Milk Stuff team could craft and dispatch personalized thank-you videos.

But with a small team, and heaps of other day-to-day duties around the farm, the team needed a clever way to scale their video sending, with an emphasis on speed and efficiency.

With the help of the Bonjoro team, they hit on a neat approach to scaling their new customer thanking workflow.

Goat Milk Stuff's Clever Approach to Scaling Personalization

With a steady influx of hundreds of orders each day, Goat Milk Stuff needed a solution that would enable them to send personalized thank-you videos efficiently at scale. To address this challenge, they subscribed to Bonjoro's Grrrowth plan, designed for sending videos to a larger list of customers simultaneously through a feature known as "Rollups."

The Rollup feature essentially allowed them to combine multiple customers into a single video task. Here’s how it looks inside the Bonjoro platform:

To ensure customers received their videos in a timely fashion, the Goat Milk Stuff team sent Rollup videos three times a week, capturing all new orders that had come in during that time frame. This approach guaranteed that no customer had to wait longer than 48 hours to receive their heartfelt thank-you video. Just like this one:

But, wait, check out that call-to-action button on the video - let’s talk about that for a little minute.

How Goat Milk Stuff use thank-you videos to generate unlimited UGC

If you check the CTA button on their thank-you video, you’ll see it links out to a testimonial request form. The form looks like this:

In fact, Goat Milk Stuff uses Bonjoro’s inbuilt testimonial request feature to drive this workflow, which gives them a steady stream of customer UGC to use in their marketing and social ads. 

They can request written testimonials or video testimonials, and then download or publish these right from within the Bonjoro platform.

How cool is that!?

But Goat Milk Stuff’s innovative approach to customer appreciation doesn’t  stop there.

Goat Milk Stuff's Neat Trick for Maximizing Video Engagement

To further enhance their thank-you video engagement rates, Goat Milk Stuff cleverly utilizes Bonjoro's auto-resend feature. 

This feature automatically re-sends a video if a customer fails to watch it initially. Recognizing that inboxes can become cluttered and people can get distracted, these automated reminders serve as gentle nudges to encourage customers to view their thank-you videos.

Here's the email script they use for these automated reminders:

Since implementing this feature, Goat Milk Stuff has witnessed an impressive 10% increase in video watch rates. This translates to one more customer out of every ten getting to experience the delightful surprise of a personalized thank-you video.

Amazing Results from 100,000+ Videos Sent in 5 Years

Over the course of just over five years, the Goat Milk Stuff team has sent over 100,000 personalized videos to their customers. The results they've achieved have been nothing short of remarkable.

60% Open Rates:

Their emails containing these personalized videos consistently enjoy high open rates, showcasing the effectiveness of this approach.

40% Watch Rates:

The implementation of the auto-resend feature has led to a significant boost in video watch rates, ensuring that more customers engage with their delightful thank-you videos.

More Repeat Sales:

This personalized approach has contributed to increased customer loyalty and repeat sales for Goat Milk Stuff, as customers feel a deeper connection with the brand.

Unlimited Customer Love & UGC:

The impact goes beyond just sales; it has fostered a sense of community and deep customer loyalty. Customers have shared tons of heartwarming experiences and testimonials, which have further strengthened Goat Milk Stuff's brand.

To encapsulate the impact of their Bonjoro journey, here's a quote from the Goat Milk Stuff team:

"We set out to connect with our customers and help them understand we are real people behind the scenes working hard to provide them with the best soap for their skin. Bonjoro has helped us to achieve that and more. Our customers are not just patrons - they're a part of our extended family, and that's something truly special." -PJ Jonas

Create your Own Delightful Post-Purchase Process with Bonjoro

In conclusion, Goat Milk Stuff's journey with Bonjoro exemplifies the power of personalized customer engagement in e-commerce. 

Their commitment to going the extra mile to create meaningful connections with their customers has not only resulted in increased sales but has also fostered a loyal community of brand advocates.

If you're looking to enhance your own e-commerce store's customer experience and want to see similar results, we encourage you to give Bonjoro a try. It's a tool that has proven to be a game-changer for Goat Milk Stuff, and it could very well do the same for your business.

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