How a SaaS company took MRR from $20k to $50k in just a few months

Casey Hill

Imagine you just had a brilliant idea for an app.

You research it and nobody has done it yet. You excitedly start to sketch out your plans and tell your closest friends.

You’re not saying you’re the next Facebook,’re kind of feeling like a million bucks right now.

Then suddenly you get that sinking feeling...

You don’t know how to code.

Hiring a developer sounds expensive.

Should you join an MBA program to try and find a co-founder?

Enter YourVone.

YourVone is a no-code, drag and drop app builder that will allow you to build a robust and aesthetic app without coding experience. Pretty sweet, huh?

The company is new, founded by Jeremy Redman, who had a vision to help non-technical founders get their dreams off the ground.

Why YourVone turned to personal video to accelerate their growth

While the business was growing well, Jeremy needed a way for his team to build better relationships with their new prospects and early adopters

He had heard about personal video emails from a friend so he decided to give Bonjoro a go.

The plan was to welcome each new sign-up (even if they weren’t paid) with a personal video. Here is an example:

When people sign up for free trials to check services out they expect to get a generic “Getting started” email. But Jeremy knew they had to do it differently.

In our interview, Jeremy said, ““Be Human” is our #1 value at YourVone. Bonjoro helped us get that across to customers”. 

And thanks to onboarding videos like this growth has been through the roof:

The crazy results YourVone got from sending personal onboarding videos

When I asked YourVone how things were going with their new approach to onboarding, I almost fell out of my chair. Seriously.

Jeremy shared with me that since sending their videos with Bonjoro, they have gone from 1 paid user a day to 6-10 paid users per day.

Revenues are ramping up super fast to match. In just a few short months since implementing personal video their MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) has surged from $20k to over $50k. Incredible growth!

So why are these Bonjoro videos so effective?

If you're going to try this approach yourself, why not learn from the best? Let's breakdown what Jeremy and his team are doing so well with his videos.

They take the time:

One of the most compelling aspects of the Bonjoro’s shared above is the time that Ricky takes with each one. The videos he sends show he did his homework and what’s amazing is that both of the examples above were gmail addresses too!

Most people would have given up without a clear website listed in the domain, but Ricky went the extra mile to create a memorable and informative experience. 

They use humor: 

You want to make your first impression memorable. The humor that Ricky uses creates an experience that the client is likely to share around and remember. With just a minute or two of extra effort, Ricky elevates his videos dramatically over just a generic send. 

The CTA (call to action) is super compelling:

Personal video emails with Bonjoro are exceptional at driving action through click-throughs. They beat out industry averages by 20-30%!

Many times if users are just doing a welcome or thank you video they forgo setting up the CTA button. This is a mistake! With YourVone they push people straight into the builder in-app to get them testing! This is a great application to encourage action.

Other good CTA’s if you need ideas are inviting them to join your Facebook community, showing them a compelling how-to use case or linking them to a helpful getting started page. 

Their team has a system:

One of the key reasons why Ricky and the YourVone team is able to do hundreds of these videos each week is that they have systemized it!

Using a combination of our Zapier and native Mailchimp integrations, they can create video tasks automatically, so the employees just need to log-in and record!

This is such an important takeaway and something I have seen time and time again with our most successful Bonjoro users; they build Bonjoro into their daily workflows.

This is the beauty of Bonjoro versus a lot of other video tools out there.

No need to paste your videos into email.

No need to find a contact.

No need to mess around with hosting software.

Just hook your existing tools up to Bonjoro via our native integrations or Zapier to automatically create your video tasks, so all your team has to do is record from wherever they are at.

After the initial success, Jeremy and the YourVone team now use Bonjoro at all stages of the customer lifecycle, from people joining the waitlist, to after people click the Pay Now button, to once they are established customers. 

This insight from Jeremy was particularly poignant, “If you want to stand out in the inbox, you have to do things differently. Bonjoro is an easy method to do that.” 

Ready to record your own videos?

If YourVone's approach has inspired you to try personal video for your own SaaS growth, grab yourself a free 14 day trial of Bonjoro right here.

And if you're looking for inspiration on where to use video in your funnels, we put together a video playbook for SaaS companies here.

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