How a Real Estate Marketing Company Gets 48% of COLD Traffic Onto a Demo

Casey Hill

Daniel, the founder of Quick Tours, helps real estate agents and brokerages create beautiful virtual mock-ups of their properties. 

He is a huge proponent of using video to connect with customers, and has used video as an integral part of both his products and his customer experience for years.

Until recently this video strategy cost him upwards of $100,000 a year, requiring 3 full-time employees, to produce videos like this one:

They looked amazing! But because of the time investment, and cost, his personal videos were limited to new customer welcomes.

Then Daniel discovered Bonjoro

How Quick Tours uses quick personalised videos to win more sales

When Daniel discovered Bonjoro he realised he could finally produce authentic and impactful videos that worked directly into his workflow, and he could do it without a fancy video studio. 

With Bonjoro plugging in so easily into his business, Daniel has expanded his video strategy beyond new customer welcomes. Here's just a few of the ways he uses video now:

- To touch base with people after a cold call

- To try and increase demo attendance rates

- Even for reaching back out to people after in-person meets!

This example shows how he uses Bonjoro to connect with prospects after his agency completes a property mockup for them.

The personal touch brings a huge edge vs. the competition, and means Daniel's agency can close more sales. Not only is the video personalized specifically to Lisa, but Daniel used levity and humor to make the video memorable. 

When it comes to building relationships, authenticity and relatability are huge and Daniel is able to deliver that in his videos at a fraction of the cost of what he was spending before. 

Here is another video after closing a deal with a client:

Once again, the video is done spur of the moment, the tone and energy are positive and genuine and the video is personalized. 

Daniel even uses personal video as part of customer success, to check-in with customers and share new updates with them. Here's an example:

Notice how Daniel records the video outside and incorporates in the impressive buildings to make the video really stand out? 

This is a great strategy to make your videos more memorable!

Looking closer at Daniel and Quick Tour's Bonjoro workflow

Video is all about consistency. This is where Daniel really excels with his use of Bonjoro. Let's dig into how he does things...

Daniel uses a few different systems to make his processes turnkey.

Connecting Salesforce to Bonjoro via Zapier

First, on the frontend, he uses Salesforce.

Using a simple Zapier connection, whenever an SDR finds a new cold opportunity, they will add them to Saleforce and in doing so the Zap will produce a task to record that new opportunity a personal video and invite them to hop on a demo to discuss their mock-up.

Before Bonjoro, this cold outreach invitation to hop on a demo to discuss their mock-up had about a 15% show-up rate. All other variables the same, simply switching out a text-based invitation for a personal video email invitation to discuss their mock-up increased attendance rates to 48%.

Let that sink in for a minute. 

48% of COLD traffic outreach is hopping on a demo. That is unprecedented and has lead to huge bottom-line improvements in revenue. 

Connecting Trello to Bonjoro via Zapier

Daniel also uses Bonjoro once a mock-up is finished and complete to engage the prospect, thank them for getting involved, and to do a warm hand-off for the next steps. 

For this, he uses a connection between Bonjoro and Trello so whenever someone reached the “Mock-up Complete” stage of his Kanban board, it would automatically generate a Bonjoro task. 

But systems and integrations aren't worth anything if they don't come with a simple, impactful approach that is repeatable. During my interview with Daniel, I asked him what his top tips were to help new users emulate his success. Here is what he said.

Daniel’s Top 3 Tips for using personal video

1. Consistency

“When you see a Bonjoro or receive a Bonjoro, you immediately realize that this type of personal engagement is better for the customer. So it starts by believing that is the case. Then you have to commit to doing it consistently. Build it into your workflows with Zapier [or via Bonjoro's native integrations - Ed.] and make it seamless. If all you have to do is log in each day, click on the tasks that are automatically generated for you and record… You will stick with it.”

2. Whiteboard:

“Sometimes I use a whiteboard and write the prospect or customers name on it. People are pysched to see their name on a thumbnail”

3. Be Personal

“Just be personal and don’t worry about a perfect set-up. Just start recording”. This is a simple, yet key part of video success from my experience. Don’t overthink it, don’t sweat the small stuff. Just start!

Start building your own personal video workflows today

Sometimes the best way to build a relationship with your customer can be a simple one. Just show up. Make them feel valued and seen with a quick video and you will be amazed at the doors it can open. 

Daniel and Quick Tours have revolutionized their business through this simple change.

If you're ready to do the same, grab yourself a free 14 day trial of Bonjoro right here.

And for inspiration, check out our Video Funnels page, where you can copy workflows and templates to use in your own business.

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