How a photography platform increased bookings by 21% 

Casey Hill

Weddings are one of the most emotional times in a person's life. 

They are exciting and overwhelming at the same time. 

You have to find the right venue, cater and photographer to make the big day perfect.

Getting the right photographer can be a challenge that leaves many couples stressed.

What if there was an easier way?

Enter Fotografos de Boda. 

As a bride/groom you can simply enter the date of your wedding, the venue and your budget and the platform will email you a curated list of the best photographers for the job. 

As a photographer, signing up on this platform gives you access to wedding gigs.

Business was going well for founder Martino Buzzi, but he did have a problem.

The Problem: 

After brides and grooms applied, he noticed that he was having a significant drop-off where the leads would go quiet. 

His current process was:

Customer fills out form -> They get curated list of relevant photographers via email -> If they don't respond, send automated follow-up emails

Once he was able to start a conversation or if they responded back with initial questions, the conversion rate was quite strong.

But there was a missing piece of the puzzle. 

He needed a way to establish trust and build that initial relationship so he could learn what hurdles the customer was experiencing.

The Solution:

Martino heard about personal video from a friend and decided to try using Bonjoro as part of the introduction process.

Here is an example intro video for a new bride/groom applicant (video is in Spanish as clientele are mostly in Spain):

His new process became:

Customer fills out form -> They get curated list of relevant photographers via email -> They get a personal follow-up Bonjoro from Martino

Within a few short weeks conversions ticked up by 21%. Open rates and engagement went through the roof….

For his most used template he averaged a 91% open rate! Naturally, with more people seeing a personal message, the number of people comfortable with taking next steps also increased. 

To make the process of creating and sending out these videos seamless, Martino told me, “I have linked Mailchimp so every time a bride or groom gets subscribed to a mailing list Bonjoro gets the data. In this case two days after we have sent the mail with available photographers I send a follow up Bonjoro asking if they have received the mail and if they have any questions they can drop me a line.

Using the integration with Mailchimp made it so Martino could simply log into his Bonjoro app every day, see the videos he had to do, and record them. He was able to have the personal touch, but do so in a way that was time efficient. 

The Results:

Through adding this personal video step to his process, Martino saw the following results…

  • His open rates went up 30%+ on his emails
  • His one year average CTR (click-through rate) was over 30%
  • His conversion rates went from 33% -> 40%

That's a 21% real-terms increase in revenue from extra bookings - a huge lift, meaning he could invest more in resources and marketing in 2021.

Send personal videos to your enquiries to win more bookings

If Martino's story has inspired you to try the same method, get yourself a free 14 day trial of Bonjoro right here.

Just link up your email tool or CRM to Bonjoro, and you'll be winning trust and converting more enquiries in no time!

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