How a Photographer Got 80% View Rates on His Personal Video Emails

Casey Hill

Meet Matt. 

Matt does time-lapse photography and videography.

Oh, and he happens to be one of the leading experts in the world. He works with companies like Samsung, Google, Canon, Microsoft, Ford and Vogue to create vibrant, engaging video and photo experiences. Here is an example of his stunning work.

Matt has always been the type to contribute to and build community in the videography space. From his reviews of best cameras for time-lapses to his Youtube channel, Matt has turned himself into a thought leader.

But Matt ran into a problem. 

When your business is small and you have just a few customers coming in, it is easy to be personal. But as you grow, it gets harder and harder. People look to automation to replace the personal touch because they only have so many hours in the day.

The trouble is, in a world of fragmented attention and information overload, those automated emails can often get lost in the noise. So your brand identity and your engagement rates suffer.

How Matt uses video to connect with his customers at scale

Now, don’t get me wrong, automation serves a vital function in any growing or scaling business. But if it begins to replace the personal touch altogether, you can run yourself into problems.

As Matt was growing fast and wondering how to tackle this problem, he stumbled upon the ideal solution. He found a way that he could stay personal with his new customers, but automate the process around it, so it worked with his tools and systems in a seamless way. 

He did this through sending Bonjoro personal video emails.

Like this one where someone had just bought his eBook:

Matt uses Bonjoro’s native Shopify integration so that any time someone purchases a product or service from him, he gets a request automatically to just hop on and record.

Matt also runs a Patreon and uses Bonjoro’s native integration with Patreon to automatically get tasks to record welcomes to new members that join him there as well.

By using these native integrations, all Matt has to do is hop on his phone every day, no matter where he is in the world, and record out the videos and hit send. He is able to create lifelong fans and advocates of his brand for mere minutes a day of effort. 

Looking at recent stats for Matt, with hundreds of video emails sent, he is doing pretty remarkable….

It’s hard to pick which is the most impressive between 82% opens, 80% view rates and 29% response rates

The recipients of the videos are also leaving him glowing feedback, which is increasing his word of mouth growth and the number of people joining his affiliate program! Thanks to this organic growth his eBook sales surged up over $30k!

So what are the major pieces of advice that Matt has to win with personalization?

Matt’s Tips for getting great open and view rates on your videos

Record Outside

There is something about getting a video from a balcony in Italy (like the video from Matt above) that has a certain grandiosity to it. But even if you can’t escape away on an exotic vacation, getting outside seems to have a positive effect on video performance. So go on a hike or head to the beach and record a personal video from wherever you are at!

Timeliness counts

Matt is able to respond to his new customers quickly thanks to Bonjoro’s native integrations and he notes that getting Bonjoros out quick is one of the secrets behind his engagement success. We have found this trend to be true for us here at Bonjoro as well. One of the strongest predictors of open rates and responses was how soon we got the message out relative to a behaviour, like purchasing.

Surprise them with value

One of the things Matt says he loves to do for new customers is have the CTA take them to an exclusive discount code for various related products. On the surface, it’s a great upsell strategy, but customers are also stoked to get a great discount on a product/service they are already interested in and engaged with. 

A common question we get at Bonjoro is, “If I am just thanking someone, do I need a Call-to-Action Button? What should I put there?”. The answer is absolutely! This is an opportunity to deepen engagement or pleasantly surprise them. A discount code is great or you could invite them to join you on Facebook or some other community to get them more involved. 

Want to get 80% open rates yourself?

If Matt has inspired you with his approach to video, you can send your own video emails with a free 14 day trial of Bonjoro.

Set up takes 5 minutes, and you'll be recording videos and getting incredible results like Matt in no time.

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