How a mental health coach gets just 2 cancellations per year

Casey Hill

Connecting with ourselves mentally, spiritually and emotionally can be a struggle with our fast paced lives and jobs.

At some point, we might seek outside help to slow down, clear out all of the "brain chatter", and find our true selves again.

Enter Dr Grant Mullen.

Dr Grant Mullen, alongside his wife Kathy, runs a mental health website and community where they teach members how to be transformed mentally, and how to think differently.

Every new member receives weekly videos to support and coach them, as well as other resources to guide their mental health transformation.

Dr Grant and Kathy have created a thriving business over the years, but have never stopped searching for ways to give their members a better experience.

The Problem: 

When I spoke to Dr Grant, he told me that whilst he had great relationships with his members once he got talking with them, there was always a lack of tools that could help him build these connections quickly and easily.

If he wanted to reduce churn, he needed “a way to strengthen the bond of connection with our customers. To humanize it. To truly make our members feel valued!".

If he was able to retain more members, he knew it would have a dramatic impact on his revenue.

Then in 2019, he stumbled across Bonjoro, and decided to give it a try.

The Solution:

Using personal video he built a process for creating and nurturing powerful relationships with his new subscribers and members.

I lined up a call with Dr Grant to gather as much useful info as I could to share on how he maximized member retention and reduced cancellations using personal videos. 

His process starts with a welcome video in the first 30 days, so the customers can test his service. Here he offers a full refund.

The idea is to set the stage with a strong first month impression.

Then, every week, for the first 3 weeks, he will use Bonjoro to say hey, give updates, features on the site. “How have you been.” “Here’s how you reach us” etc.

Here is an example of a new member welcome:

Here is an example of a 2 week follow-up:

Overall, by using personal video to engage with his community, Grant was able to deepen the personal relationships with customers. 

He noted in our call, “Bonjoro is like a bright and shining light in the online, impersonal ecosystem.” He continued on by saying, “Any excuse we can get to strengthen the bond of connection with our customers and humanize things. We want to do it. It's a great way to make people feel valued!”

Grant also uses Bonjoro videos to thank donors and convert new prospects!

The Results:

The impact of these videos has been remarkable. In 2020, Grant had only 2 cancellations over the ENTIRE year. This is almost unheard of in the membership space.

One factor that is evident right away is the strong engagement...

Whereas automated email campaigns typically oscillate between 10-25% opens, getting 4-5x the amount of attention on your message with personal videos is game changing.

Not to mention that hearing someone whose content you follow call you by name is a memorable and exciting experience that leaves members feeling valued and seen. 

Grant told me that he plans to continue to expand how he uses video in his business and plans to continue to invest his time in making his customers a top priority. 

Win customers for life just like Dr Grant

If Grant's story and approach has inspired you, why not try personal videos yourself?

Sign up for a free 14 day trial of Bonjoro, and delight and retain your members like never before.

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