How a membership business increased launch sales by $348,000

Casey Hill

“Our launches usually make around $400,000 in sales and our last one was $748,000 - I really believe adding Bonjoro videos to prospects was a HUGE contributing factor in that.” - Abbey Ashley


Meet Abbey. 

She is the CEO of The Virtual Savvy where she helps VA’s find clients and build sustainable businesses! 

Abbey offers a range of programs and also does course launches, so she can give her maximum attention and support to new members of her program.

The business has been growing well over the years and Abbey said growth has been positive and relatively predictable.

As the company continued to scale, however, Abbey wanted to find a way to keep that human touch, whilst scaling revenue to new heights.

A little over two years ago, Abbey stumbled across personal video platform Bonjoro, when she heard about it on Pat Flynn's SPI Podcast.

After a short, successful trial of Bonjoro, personal video quickly became a core part of her customer success strategy, and this year, the launch of her latest course for aspiring Virtual Assistants, Savvy System.

How Abbey's team leveraged personal video to make more sales

Initially, Abbey and the team leveraged personal videos as a way to welcome new members. As Rachel on The Virtual Savvy team described it to me, 

“We use Bonjoro is to affirm our new students and their investment within 24 hours of their purchase. We congratulate them for making the investment in themselves; we instruct them on how to reach out if they have account questions, and we give them an action item to do right away!”

Here is an example

This strategy was going great, so the team decided to also use Bonjoro's to new prospects, opt-ins or people who inquired about the more premium paid programs (like those in the launch).

This is where the magic happened that catapulted The Virtual Savvy’s last launch to $748,000.

The messages to prospects looked like this

The authenticity and openness of these videos is the key.

Rachel provides a trusted point of contact, from a human behind the brand, all while doing so in a way that is respectful of the commitment of the program and is not at all salesy. 

This is how personal video should be done, and clearly the results of their initiative speak for themselves.

As Rachel puts it, 

“With Bonjoro, we have been able to connect with our potential clients who are interested but haven't yet made the investment. By sending this message, they see we truly care and want to answer any questions they may have.”

Because personal video is 1:1, it is far more likely to avoid promotions or spam filters too, which allows Abbey and her team to have 80%+ open rates on volumes of thousands of videos sent.

But wait…sending thousands of 1:1 videos sounds like a lot of work.

How does the team manage it?

How Abbey's team built a scalable system with video

Unlike any other video tool on the market, Bonjoro works as a task-based system.

What this means is, any time an action happens, like a purchase or an opt-in, you can use a native integration with your existing tools, or Zapier (what Abbey uses), to automatically populate the tasks!

Rachel acknowledges that having the video message tasks automatically populate, so all you have to do is log in and click record, is part of the reason Bonjoro is sustainable.

"It’s simple, all you have to do is make sure the Bonjoro account is checked everyday and messages are sent as needed”.

If you use any of the integrations below, you don’t even need Zapier, you can simply click and connect your simple right from inside our tool….

Virtual Savvy's top tips for succeeding with personal video

I also asked The Virtual Savvy team for their top tips with personal video.

If you're looking to use personal video in your next launch, keep a checklist of these tactics and you'll be on the right track.

  • Make it personal
  • Keep the message simple and easy to follow. 
  • Don't fill it with instructions. 
  • Use an integration to create your Bonjoro tasks automatically
  • Tackle the prospects purchase hesitations head on.
  • Respond quickly

So there you have it folks. An extra $348,000 course sales from one simple tweak to their sales funnel.

And the truly great part? Anyone can do it.

Launch your next course to new heights with personal video

Do you run launches? Are you looking to get your prospects more engaged?

Why not add personal video to your next launch?

Follow Abbey's simple blueprint with video, and you can't go wrong.

Send your first personal video today by getting a free 14 day trial of Bonjoro right here.

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