How a Marketing Agency Closed an Extra $55,000 in Deals in 2 Months

Casey Hill

Marketing and digital agencies today have a problem. They sell solutions that often are focused on scalable, automated processes but they lose the human touch when it comes to their own opportunities.

The reality is that agencies are not like eCommerce companies or B2C brands that might have hundreds or even thousands of opportunities knocking on their door.

Instead, agencies tend to have higher value deals, and less of them, where the human touch is essential. With data showing that over 66% of digital agencies are in decline in 2020 due to COVID, it is both timely and essential to remember the value in investing in and making the most of the opportunities presented. 

This is where MobilePocketOffice, a father-son led marketing automation agency focused around digital automations and system design, has shined. Since the onset of market turmoil, their business has only swelled.

What Josh and Sam have pioneered for themselves is a set of turnkey systems that allow them to free up the time needed to employ a highly personal approach with all the new leads that come their way. The motto at MobilePocketOffice is, “Be human where it counts, otherwise automate” !

So back to that $55,000 dollars in deals. What was their secret weapon?

How Josh and Sam used personal video to unlock $55,000 extra revenue

Josh and Sam use personal video in a wide array of use cases, from following up with new leads right after they book a call, cold outreach using Bonjoro and Linkedin, to checking in conversationally with opportunities or customers and building real relationships as the cornerstone of how they do business.

With personal video Josh and Sam average an 80% open rate, 83% watch rate and 27% response rate! This is remarkable and one of the highest engagement rates we have seen from any Bonjoro customer. Let’s see what these videos look like!

Watch Video:

So why are these videos crushing it? Let's take a look at what Josh is getting right here.

It feels authentic:

You will notice that Josh’s video above doesn’t try to employ perfect lighting or read off a script that would make him sound like an infomercial. Instead, Josh let’s his natural light hearted, gregarious personality show. When it comes to Bonjoro’s don’t try and fake it. If you are serious, be serious. If you like to take life with a little humor, show that in your videos. Give them a sense of what you are about.

He builds anticipation:

Something else you can see in this video is that Josh talks about and hypes up their upcoming meeting. A great strategy when sending a Bonjoro is to build anticipation and excitement. In fact, there is a biological element to this, discussed in the book Fanocracy by David Scott, called Mirror Neurons. Essentially, when you see other people genuinely excited or interested in something, it triggers those same emotions in your brain! So show that energy and get them wanting to find out what comes next. 

He makes sure they know it’s just for them:

People today are skeptical that nearly anything is actually 1:1. When people see that they got a “personal video”, they typically assume it’s just a mass sent email still until they open it. You will notice that Josh not only calls out the prospect by name but also wishes them a happy friday, firmly anchoring the fact that this video is made specifically for them and in real time.

Now open rates and engagement rates are great, but in the words of Jerry Maguire…. Show me the money!

Breaking down the results of their personal videos

In terms of total sales and conversions, this is where the systems background of Josh and Sam provided tremendous support.

They use an all-in-one CRM and email automation system called Ontraport that allows them to see how their Bonjoro’s are performing as part of a marketing initiative or campaign and split test how people who receive a Bonjoro convert, versus those that don’t.

Here is an example of a campaign that generated $19,869.91 with 58% of the conversions coming from people who had received a Bonjoro vs. 42% coming from those who had not. 

Although the analytics are an excellent way to prove a method is working, it is actually how Josh and Sam use Ontraport and Bonjoro together in a functional sense that is the most impressive. 

Because Bonjoro and Ontraport have a direct integration you can send any custom field information from the Ontraport CRM to a new Bonjoro task (and automatically generate that task when a new lead books a call with you or opts in on a form online). This means that no matter where Josh and Sam are, they can get a notification on their phones and can just click and record a personal video with the context of who the person is being right there from the CRM.

Imagine a customer fills out a form, telling you their project needs, pain points etc. and then in real time you get a ping on your phone with all this information and you just click and record a custom tailored video. 

It’s seamless and it’s a perfect example of how teams can get the most mileage out of using a personal video tool like Bonjoro. 

Taking your own systems to the next level

Now because Josh and Sam are systems geeks, they take things even a step further. If you are a techie who loves innovative ways to delight your customers…read on.

So, while Josh and Sam often deal with a handful of high quality opportunities each month who they can respond to personally (much in thanks to the time saved through their usage of Ontraport!), they realized that many of their customers, who they like to have use Bonjoro, operate B2C brands or have less available time to record their videos.

So they set up a system to automatically filter only the best opportunities to their clients!

Here is how it works. In Ontraport, you can do something called lead scoring. This is essentially the idea that you can assign points to leads based on their behaviors i.e. ten points if they schedule a call, two points if they visit certain landing pages and 5 points if they respond back to an email. 

Josh and Sam set it up so that if a lead gets at least 10 points, indicating they are an active and hot opportunity, then the marketing campaign in Ontraport will automatically generate a Bonjoro task, but not before! This way their customers can record 1:1 videos only to their best opportunities and use their time as efficiently as possible.

Okay but what about the other poor souls who aren’t hot leads? Do they get no video love? You know of course they thought of a solution for that too!

Using Bonjoro’s Chrome recorder they pre-record videos to prospects that go out inside of automated emails sent out through Ontraport. Although these videos aren’t personal in the sense that they aren’t talking to specific clients one-to-one, it still allows the client to leverage the psychology of video and still outperform plain text emails by miles!

BONUS: Opening doors with personal videos via LinkedIn

Before Josh opened MobilePocketOffice, he used to sell disability insurance to surgeons. He would Fedex them an empty envelope and when they called back to inquire about what he had meant to send them, he used the opportunity to leverage the envelope as a conversation starter and explain the pitfalls of what would happen should they injure themselves and did not have disability insurance. The creative campaign was a smash success.

Part of the reason is because of something Seth Godin, an iconic marketer, calls the “Purple Cow”. Essentially the lesson is, if something stands out and gets people talking about it, like seeing a purple cow, it will be more impactful. This same principle is behind MobilePocketOffice’s success with personal video. It’s unique, it stands out and it allows their team to open doors.

Josh explained to me in an interview, “I use Bonjoro for cold LinkedIn outreach and building partnerships all the time. It’s about showing people what they are getting and building a real connection. It’s about showing someone you aren’t slimy or some salesperson but genuinely want to help them. There is novelty to it”. 

Here is an example of a partnership video, where someone cold-pitched Josh and he counter pitched a partnership right back to them:

Wrapping up

Although some of these systems they have set up might seem complex, the whole idea is to make the interaction with the customer as human and seamless as possible. While many agencies let systems run them, Josh and Sam wield their systems as a tool which can free up time for them to spend on the things that matter most. 

If you want to know how effective your Bonjoros are for your team to get more prospects and close more deals, MobilePocketOffice is happy to help you put this automation in place.

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