How a marketing agency used Bonjoro to get hired by the CEO of #24 on Inc 5000

Casey Hill

Most marketers get caught up in the funnel mentality and get hyper-focused on one or two areas - e.g. growing the list, converting webinar leads.

The biggest problem with "funnel focus" is that you can miss the big picture...which means you miss the big opportunity. 

Funnels, by definition, are fragmented. That isn't a bad thing per se, but it can trick you to see people as predictable, consistent creatures. SPOILER: That isn't the reality.

When you learn to see the complete customer journey, in all it's glorious messiness and unpredictability, you actually find huge points of leverage that most brands overlook.

Here's another way to think of it.

Funnels are built to "push" people through a series of steps, all of which are solely focused on resulting in a purchase. If any of those steps fail or the conversion doesn't happen, then the "funnel" doesn't work.

But if you start first with creating a dynamic series of experiences that "pull" people through the journey where becoming a customer is the result of the relationship you've built...well now you've got something that is competition-proof and treats people like people instead of a lifeless number.

With Bonjoro, you can leverage the nearly limitless power of personalization and real connection to create a flexible and far more human-friendly experience for your prospects and customers.

Instead of "funnel steps" you'll learn to look for impactful touch-points - these are opportunities to demonstrate to the prospect that they aren't simply being forced through a funnel, but that they matter and are valued.

These touchpoints are exactly what they sound like: opportunities to interact and create a personal connection at various (pre-planned, but adaptable) points throughout their experience with your brand. The full map of where Joe uses Bonjoro can be found here. 

Let's look at some specific examples of how you can craft compelling customer journeys that build raving fans and loyal customers

Funnel #1: Connecting with new opt-ins

People today have incredibly low standards when it comes to opting into your list. Most people figure that by opting in they will get either a workbook or case study or some piece of mildly relevant info that hopefully they can glean 1-2 good takeaways from.

Rarely, does a customer receive any type of actual personal connection, be that by email, SMS or phone call.

So you can imagine that when Joe started to send all his new email list opt-ins videos like this one:

People were pretty over the moon. Not only does he personally welcome Emmanuel, but he also uses a form to gather more information via a NexGen template. 

Pro tip: Notice how he has the lower friction ask (filling out a few questions on a form) right below, and then the larger ask (hopping on a call via the CTA button on the side). This is a great way to maximize engagement across different levels of customer interest. 

Through welcome videos like this one, Joe started to build relationships right off the bat with new leads. And because he asks on a form their biggest challenges, he has context to follow up on the next steps.

In fact, it was a video exactly like this that landed the CEO of #24 on Inc 5000.

He responded to Joe’s Bonjoro with:

“What’s up man!  Love the personal touch with Bonjoro.  Just sent this to my VP of Sales and told him we need all sales reps doing this after they get an inbound MQL!

Would love to have a quick chat with you to discuss an engagement.  Worst case scenario, we teach each other something about marketing…”

Joe noted that that CEO went on to hire his small agency instead of any of the 5+ much larger agencies they got proposals from. That is the power of Bonjoro. 

Funnel #2: Webinar Follow-up

You drive 500 registrations to your webinar. 100 of them show up. Of those 100, you stick them on an automated email drip and hope they convert.

What if there was a better way?

By using Bonjoro and our roll-up feature, Joe was able to use personalization at scale and increase his webinar conversions with videos like this one:

Instead of the conventional replay video email, Joe is continuing to put his face and persona in front of customers. 

With video you get facial expression, tone and body language that just isn’t possible in a text-only email. 

Replicate Joe's success yourself

Joe is a rock-star when it comes to Bonjoro videos, and creating delightful funnels for his customers. But you can easily so this too!

Grab yourself a free 14 day trial of Bonjoro right here, and if you are looking for more inspiration check out Joe's masterclass on using Bonjoro in your funnels here - so many great ideas in there to get you started. P.S. The juicy stuff starts at around 31 min mark.

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