How a fitness membership program boosted trial conversion rates by 29% in one month

Casey Hill

Jeremy Ullrich, like many business owners, was looking for new ways to provide value and stay connected with his customer base in light of COVID-19.

He runs a women’s health and supplement company. 

He decided that by hosting online fitness classes, with easy to access videos and world-class trainers, he could help further his mission of providing cutting edge support in the realm of women’s health.

And so Luxe Fitness was born. 

The reception was great and he offered a trial period for people to make sure it was a good fit. He started to convert around 40% of those who were coming into the program to paid recurring users. 

While this is not bad as an industry average, Jeremy couldn’t help but feel like there might be more he could do.

Unlocking mega-growth with personal video

Joining Luxe Fitness was about becoming a part of a community and about connecting in a human way with a training program that could be adapted to your specific needs.

They had an onboarding email campaign that would update users on how to access and use the courses, but Jeremy felt like there was a missing piece.

Then he heard about personal video. A friend noted he could use personal video emails with Bonjoro to welcome each new trial and invite them to click directly in and access their classes. 

So Jeremy got his team to start sending out welcome videos just like this:

In our interview, Jeremy noted to me,

“The results in the first month have been remarkable. We still send out the same onboarding emails and all other aspects are the same. We just added Bonjoro”

In one month his trial conversions climbed 28.62%. That equates to thousands of dollars of additional monthly revenue. 

Jeremy continued by noting,

“The customer response has been phenomenal. So many customers write into us thanking us for this personal gesture. Now we are just looking for where else we can use it”. Jeremy and I talked about celebrating customer goals and milestones, as well as getting more customer reviews.

When I asked about Jeremy’s top tips for success with personal video, here is what he advised.

Jeremy’s top tips for recording successful personal videos

Use Re-send workflows:

In Bonjoro, if you click on the gear in the top right-hand corner and click re-send workflows, you can program your video message to automatically resend if it doesn’t get initially opened. “Once we turned that on, we noticed open rates went up easily 10%” Jeremy said.

Keep it casual:

Jeremy advises making sure your videos are not too formal. You don’t need a studio or perfect lighting, just a sincere welcome, and positive energy. Don’t overthink it and re-record your video a thousand times, just embrace imperfection and start connecting. 

Integrate Bonjoro with your systems:

Jeremy’s team uses Klaviyo and so when new trials come in, Jeremy uses a Zapier connection to automatically populate his Bonjoro messages. One of the unique parts of the Bonjoro platform is our wide array of integrations and task-based video system. By building Bonjoro into your daily workflow, all you have to do is sign on and hit record. This is an important one, especially as you scale to keep Bonjoro time-efficient and manageable! 

Choose the right people:

Choosing team members who are bubbly, positive, and energetic is a great way to get your companies energy across via video. You don’t need to be young, or have perfect lighting or the perfect attire. You just need to be willing to smile, be engaging, and let your personality shine through (don’t read from a script!).

Use your Call-to-action (CTA) wisely:

If you run a course or membership program, directing people from that welcome video straight to the content is a great way to get new users activated. Jeremy noted that they have had great success with the “Start My Classes” CTA with a direct link to the login portal. Bonjoros average 30%+ click-through rates, so lean into this to maximize customer engagement. 

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