How a course creator retains students with personalized support videos

Casey Hill

Tom helps people around the world handcraft their own guitars at his site The Art of Lutherie.

It’s a deeply personal experience, that can stretch hundreds of hours until the student completes their final creation. As people go through his course on exactly how to do it, there are inevitable moments where students get stuck and need Tom's support. 

Where most brands might use a help desk system and reply in-line to inquiries, Tom wanted a better experience for his customers and a more time-efficient process for himself.

So instead of stitching an email together that included pasted-in visuals and a lengthy explanation, he reached out to Bonjoro to see how Bonjoro videos could help achieve his goals.

How Tom uses Bonjoro video to delight his students

Tom's chief problem before using Bonjoro was managing support requests in a way that delighted customers, and was time efficient.

He also wanted to improve his membership retention rates in a way that scaled with other demands on his time.

After discovering Bonjoro, he jumped on a call with one of our video strategists and we quickly hashed out 3 touch-points that would help him achieve these goals.

1. Responding to support requests with quick videos

Tom uses a support system called Fuze Desk, which is linked up to Keap. He applies a tag to any support emails that come in that he wants to create a video for. This tag automatically creates a Bonjoro task through Bonjoro's native integration with Bonjoro.

Tom gets a notification on his phone for the task, and records a video.

To make this whole process scalable, the video task also contains any relevant context pulled from Keap, including membership level, statuses, notes, so that Tom has all his customers info at his fingertips as he'd recording each video.

When he does the video, he does it with his mobile phone so that he can actually show tools or parts of the guitar they are working on to best illustrate his answer. Here's a great example Tom shared with us:

2. Welcoming new members with personalized videos

Continuing the theme of personalization, Tom also uses Bonjoro to welcome new community members. But Tom does this a little differently to the classic Bonjoro onboarding video, which is usually sent right after the signup or purchase event.

Tom's week 1 onboarding activation is very strong, so rather than sending welcome videos in week 1 or 2, Tom saves this super-personalized "check-in" until month 2, where he knows students might start to drop-off a bit.

It's more of a "hey, I wanted to drop in and say a proper hello and see how you are going with things", rather than the typical "welcome, here's how to get started" approach. You can think of it as more of an activation bump vs. the traditional Bonjoro onboarding video.

N.B. If your day 1 or week 1 activation needs a bump, we'd recommend doing your welcome videos as soon as your subscriber or customers joins. But in Tom's case, this is a neat activation hack that works well for his specific customer journey.

3. Responding to inbound sales enquiries

Tom also uses it to respond to inquiries or inbound questions and says it has had a massive impact on lead conversion rates. 

In this case, Tom has Bonjoro connected up to his Keap account, so whenever a new enquiry is tagged inside his account, the contact is pulled through to Bonjoro so he can make an amazing first impression.

Imagine making an enquiry on a website and getting a personal video right back within 24 hours. Talk about inspiring confidence in the purchase and the journey that lies ahead with that business!

Tom was even kind enough to share a screenshot of his Bonjoro results - you can see he averages about a 95% open AND video watch rate, which is just incredible when compared to similar open and interaction rates with standard emails. Incredible stuff!

Follow Tom's example - get a free Bonjoro account

If you've been inspired by Tom's approach to his customers and commitment to creating an incredible journey for his students, why not try it yourself.

Grab a free 14 day trial here and feel free to request a call with one of Bonjoro's video experts. We'd love to help you create your own unique and delightful customer journey with video.

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