How a course creator got a 91% open rate

Oliver Bridge

Jacques runs a course online teaching people how to play the piano. 

About two years ago, as the business was scaling, Jacques was starting to think about how he could keep that personal touch as part of his process. Jacques is an expert in systems design and had put together a seamless automation engine behind his business, but he didn’t want to lose the human side.

Then one day, when signing up for a course around podcasting with Pat Flynn, he got a personal welcome video in his inbox. He was blown away!

Pat freaking Flynn took the time to welcome him?! In that moment he went from a fan to an advocate. 

So he decided to test out Bonjoro.

Jacques' workflows with Bonjoro

Here is an example of a video he sent to welcome a new member to his course…

For each new customer, Jacques asks a “Fun Fact” which he can then incorporate into the video to make it that much more personal. 

Here is another example video:

And in case you think you need perfect lighting or a full studio to make great welcome videos, here is one that Jacques did just walking outside!

The videos don’t need to be long. You don’t need the perfect setting. It’s all about being human and showing your customers they are valued. 

One of the other beauties about Bonjoro is that it works directly with your existing systems.

Simply connect in your CRM or email automation tool (like ActiveCampaign) for Jacques, and then any time you get a new customer, a new opt-in or whatever trigger you set in your system, a video task is created automatically!

This helps keep Bonjoro an easy to do part of your daily process and cuts out a lot of manual clicks!

Also, through the integration, you can bring in custom attributes! This means any fields you have in your CRM, you can display on your video task so you can record a video with immediate context. 

Jacques has a sales funnel that starts with an opt-in and survey. He will ask questions like:

  • Do you play another instrument?
  • What is a fun fact about yourself?

Then with custom attributes, he can respond back and engage them with a quick video, but one that is that much more personal. 

It’s easy and it’s convenient. Jacques shoots to welcome every new customer in the first 1-2 days after they have signed up!

But the time saving isn’t even the best part. Check out these engagement rates….

91% opens.

91% watch through rate.

42% response rate.

For standard automated onboarding messages, engagement rates are typically closer to 25% opens and 5% response rates. He is destroying those averages and not just with a couple of videos sent. He has sent over 2,000.

Personal video emails cut through the noise of the inbox and get seen, watched, and engaged with. That much is clear. Using systems you can make the process quick and seamless. 

But what about how to approach the process of recording? 

Jacques’s Video Tips

Make it a part of your daily process: The first and biggest tip Jacques had for new users was to make the creation of videos automatic and to do the videos consistently. Every day Jacques records welcome videos and after several years, it’s just part of his daily process. Jacques told me, “The responses keep me doing it. People saying how they have never gotten something like this and how amazed they are by the customer experience. It makes it worthwhile”

Be timely: Jacques mentioned this and it’s something we see from nearly all of our power users, they do the videos as soon as possible after an action has been taken, while their product or service is still top of mind for the customer. Jacques shoots for getting the videos done ideally in the first 24 hours. 

Be concise but personal: Most of Jacques’s videos are between 15 to 30 seconds. They are quick. And yet he tries to be personal, uses context, and even humor when it makes sense to deliver on that human experience. 

Use Surveys: A lot of Bonjoro users leverage surveys or quizzes as a way to get a bit of information about an opt-in or customer. This is a great way to make your videos more compelling and persuasive!

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If you've been inspired by Jacques' story, why not try personal video yourself?

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