How a business coach catapulted her Facebook community signup rate from 7% to 55%

Casey Hill

“Bonjoro has become my magic formula. What had taken countless touch points over several months was reduced to 5 days."


Tracy Phillips runs Video Script Success, where she coaches business owners around the world on how they can use video to grow and scale their audience and revenue. 

Tracy has always been an advocate and fan of video; the way it allows people to translate their emotion, their energy and build relationships with customers is key to what Tracy preaches. 

But recently, she stumbled on another way she could leverage video to grow her online community in a way she never thought possible.

Tracy's Facebook community growth challenge

Tracy runs a private Facebook community called Video Playground where she shares content, engages with businesses and helps establish her relationship with new potential customers. 

Her inbound funnel begins with running ads for people to opt-in and get incredible, high quality video insights for free. She then sends her list regular newsletter updates, and invites them to join her private Facebook group. 

Once new members see the enormous value of her group, over the next few weeks they typically fall in love, and that becomes her source of new business for her launches or consultative services.

Her paid conversion rate is stellar once they are in the group, but there's an obvious bottleneck in the funnel: getting people who opted in to her list to join that Facebook group.

For a long time Tracy's lead to Facebook group conversion rate was hovering at about 7%. She knew that was the barrier she had to overcome, and finally she stumbled across a solution.

How Tracy uses video to convert leads into Facebook community members

A little over 6 months ago, Tracy heard about Bonjoro, and wondered if sending personal videos to her list of leads would solve her challenge.

Tracy decided she would record a personal welcome to every single new opt-in via Bonjoro, to strike up immediate engagement and encourage them to join her Facebook group.. 

Once she had connected Bonjoro to her list, she could quickly record her videos from wherever she was via the Bonjoro mobile app.

After a quick test, and 10 minute setup, her whole process was super simple and scalable.

Examples of Tracy's videos

With her first video recorded, and the delighted responses from her leads, Tracy quickly realised she was onto something and continued to record her videos.

Tracy’s videos are a masterclass in how to break down barriers and connect with your customers (which I guess shouldn’t be incredibly surprising as she in fact teaches Masterclasses on this very topic!)

Tracy agreed to share a bunch of her videos with us to share in this case study. Here are some great examples which show just how to use Bonjoro the right way.

What you'll notice is that each video is different - yes, Tracy nails her core call to action, but she also isn't afraid to be playful, or let her customer into what she's thinking or feeling in that moment.

Later on we break down exactly why we think they work so well for Tracy's funnel.

The "Friday's not a work day!" intro video:

The "crooked glasses" welcome video:

The "whoa, I came in hot there!" invite video:

Her new prospects are clearly blown away with her videos, and regularly reply with a delight and enthusiasm not seen with standard text based emails.

Why Tracy's Bonjoro videos make such a difference

Tracy's approach with video clearly makes an impact with her leads, that much is clear. But why? What about those videos do you think resonates with her audience?

Here is our take:

They celebrate the imperfect:

Many times people get the misconception that they need perfect lighting, make-up, angles etc. to put out their best impression. The reality is, trust is built through familiarity. When people can relate to you, because you show an authentic, non-airbrushed to perfection self, people connect better. You notice that Tracy constantly jokes and has a good time with the recipient in a way that feels natural. 

They are honest:

One of the core objectives of those initial videos is to put a face behind the name and to get them onboard to her Facebook group. She spells it out clearly for people and you get a strong sense of why she is touching base. Sometimes when people join a new newsletter or “free” program they are just waiting for the emails to come that “sell them”. They are cautious and guarded because of that. Transparency goes a long way here. 

They are fun:

Tracy has fun with her videos! Look, if you give yourself a script and tell yourself you are going to record 50 welcomes videos a day where you say the same ten lines you are going to go CRAZY. So don’t do it! Have fun with with the process. Learn about your customers, try different approaches and heck, if you are feeling skunky, throw down a singing challenge and if you can one-up Tracy’s opera skills.

The mind-blowing $$$ results from Tracy's new video funnel

So we noted that Tracy dramatically improved the number of people joining her private Facebook group Video Playground from 7% of her lead list, to 55%. But what did that mean in terms of sales?

In the past when Tracy had done launches or Masterclasses, it typically would take several weeks or even months to warm people up to a point where they were comfortable enough with the value of her content to take the plunge and move forward.

After using Bonjoro, Tracy noticed something incredible with her launches: over 50% of her paid registrants had only been in the group for 5 days!

Using Bonjoro, had condensed her sales pipeline by weeks if not months, and in doing so created faster and more reliable revenue.

In our interview Tracy noted, “Bonjoro has become my magic formula. What had taken countless touch points over several months was reduced to 5 days."

Kickstart your own video funnel with this blueprint

If you have read this far and you are asking yourself…. How can I reduce my time to sale and customer engagement like this? We got you covered.

Strategy #1: Personally welcome all your new opportunities

Sure, hearing someone call you by name is a nice feeling but it’s more than that. When a business takes time out of their day, especially a founder or CEO, to record you a personal video, it makes you feel valued. You mattered enough for them to spend that time. So make a new resolution to welcome each qualified opportunity personally. 

Strategy #2: Build a community

I have noticed a common thread across the hundreds of business owners I speak with that are succeeding with memberships, coaching, courses or product launches. They build community. The use Bonjoro was a way to invite people to join them on Facebook, or their private forum/chat area or wherever they are looking to build interaction. They get to know their customers and build real relationships. Once you do that, retention goes through the roof. 

Strategy #3: Have a reason to connect:

If you send a message that says, “Hey just wanted to say hello!”, that is cool and all, but won’t be as effective as if you have something tangible to say. This could be you explaining some issue, inviting them to join your community page and WHY it matters.

Send your first video with Bonjoro today!

If you have been inspired by Tracy's simple, but super effective video funnel, why not start your own today?

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