Hippo Video App vs Bonjoro — Choosing the Best Solution for Customer Engagement 

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If you are looking for a solution that will help you connect with prospects and build relationships with customers using video, you will likely run into two significant players in the market: Bonjoro and Hippo Video. Both are great solutions that offer excellent features, pricing, and integrations.

This article will help you compare Bonjoro and Hippo Video based on several essential factors:

  • Video personalization
  • Key features
  • Integrations
  • Pricing
  • Customer service

The great thing about both Hippo Video and Bonjoro is that they offer a free trial, meaning you can test them without having to commit to either one!

So, let’s get started and see how these two video recording and editing tools compare when it comes to customer engagement.

Video personalization – Hippo Video vs. Bonjoro

In today's marketing landscape, customers and prospects usually get to know your brand through online channels. That's why it can be hard for your users to know at what point (and whether at all) they are talking to a real person. 

Not having the ability to connect a face with an online experience can make it hard to achieve strong results when doing email outreach. Earning trust or build brand loyalty also becomes much harder when you don't show the face behind the brand and rely completely on indirect communication.

A great way to solve this is to use video to bridge the gap between the convenience of doing sales online and face-to-face connections. Both the Hippo app and Bonjoro have developed a solution to help you send tailored sales videos. 

With Hippo Video editor, you can create videos of all sorts for your company. The platform is easy to use and allows you to make videos that can later be shared via email and social media. You can also track interaction metrics such as customer reaction and the views of your shared videos. 

With Bonjoro, the process of creating and editing personalized videos is easy and fun. You can either import a CSV list of people you want to send videos to, select a specific person you recently interacted with via email or set up a process so that new contacts are automatically brought in from your CRM or email automation tool. 

Recording a personalized video takes only a few minutes and you can choose between a desktop capture software with a screen and webcam recorder or a smartphone — whichever you find more convenient. Bonjoro can also be integrated with the most popular sales and marketing tools like Salesforce, Zoho, and Pipedrive — which we will cover in one of the following sections.

Key features – Hippo Video vs. Bonjoro

Both Hippo Video and Bonjoro offer features that help them stand out from each other and the rest of the market.

Some of Hippo Video’s most relevant features:

  • Sales pages – Personalized sales pages for prospects
  • Video teleprompter – Can be used to read video script from the screen
  • Markup tools – The ability to and add highlights to videos
  • Annotations – The ability to add links or text to videos

Some of Bonjoro’s most relevant features:

  • Customer context & insight – To get the most out of your videos, they need to be as personalized as possible. With Bonjoro, information about your customers is available to you just as you are recording the video. The information can be either pulled straight from your CRM or enriched by us. By providing you with information about the customers you're reaching out to, you can easily tailor all your messaging to provide a truly personalized experience in all your videos.
  • Roll-ups – Time is of the essence and sometimes you have more prospects and customers than time to record personalized videos for all of them. In this case, you can use our Roll-ups feature to send personalized and custom branded video emails to larger groups of customers or prospects. All you need to do is select which contacts you want to roll up, record a video and send it to them.
  • Rich reporting – With Bonjoro’s simple dashboard, you can track your analytics to see what is working and easily report back to stakeholders. The reporting dashboard allows you to filter by team members, interactions, and dates, providing a more granular overview of your efforts.
  • Deliverability – The first step of getting a response from a prospect is to contact them and ensure your email reaches their inbox. There is no point creating the best video ever if no one sees it. Bonjoro offers the best-in-class video deliverability and can send them from your company email via verified domains, Gmail, or Outlook. You can also see a detailed delivery history of all your emails so that you can be sure that the prospects have received them!

Integrations – Hippo Video vs. Bonjoro

Both Hippo Video and Bonjoro offer a large number of integrations. Hippo software’s integrations are mostly focused on different sales, marketing, and customer service software.

As for Bonjoro, our integrations are primarily focused on email automation and CRM systems but we also have integrations with various sales and marketing software, as well as with different productivity, eCommerce, and other software.

Integrations are a very case-specific thing: a tool either allows for integration with your favorite sales/marketing/data/productivity tool or it doesn't.

So, there is no clear winner here, you can take a look at the integrations you use and see which of the two platforms offer them. Check out Bonjoro's integrations here, and Hippo Video here. If you want to use software that neither of the platforms integrates with, you don’t have to worry as both Hippo and Bonjoro integrate with Zapier.

Pricing – Hippo Video vs. Bonjoro

This is a straightforward one. Here is Hippo Video’s pricing page.

Hippo Video offers four different groups of pricing plans, depending on how you plan on using the Hippo app platform. The cheapest sales-focused plan starts at $30 per user per month when billed annually. The plan limits you to three specific integrations and there are no team analytics or video campaigns.

On the other hand, the equivalent Bonjoro plan is $33 per user per month when billed annually but it offers much more, including five integrations, reports, and video campaigns.

This is Bonjoro’s pricing page.

If you are looking to have multiple people working with Hippo Video, be prepared to pay more upfront as Hippo Video is not offering any discounts for additional members.

Bonjoro’s is stronger when it comes to team plans.

The Grrrowth plan, gives you 3 users included for just $99 per month: great for a smaller team. While the Company plan offer UNLIMITED users for just $499 per month (or $399 paid annually) - this means you can get multiple departments and teams onboard without the price scaling heavily - a pretty incredible offer.

When comparing two similar plans for a 20-people team, Hippo Enterprise will cost you $23,760 per year ($99 per month/user), while Bonjoro's unlimited team member Company plan will cost you about 25% of that cost — $5988 per year ($499 per month/unlimited users). 

If your budget is extremely limited, both platforms allow you to sign up for a free plan, allowing you to seamlessly create and send videos without your custom branding or templates.

Customer Support – Hippo Video vs. Bonjoro

While we all expect our software to work all the time, problems, unfortunately, can happen. And when they do, we all want to be supported by a team that can quickly and effectively fix any issues that might have occurred. Because of this, it's important to choose software that has a dedicated customer support team that will provide feedback and help resolve all issues.

Hippo manager offers email, chat, and phone support in all plans. Only the Enterprise plan, which starts at $79 per month per user/annually, gets priority support, which can be a potential issue. We have even found a review online stating that technical support wasn’t available when they needed it. 

On the other hand, our customer support is there to provide only the best possible experience to all our customers. The dedication of our team was recently awarded a ton of great accolades from the folks at G2.com, including Easiest to Do Business With and Best Support in the Fall 2020 G2 awards!

Our specialists are highly experienced and many of them have a decade-plus of industry-specific knowledge and experience, meaning they can provide you with technical help and strategic advice. 

Our Pro, Grrrowth, and Company plans get access to a dedicated support team. Since Bonjoro is a global platform with hubs in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, and the Philippines, we have team members there to help across every time zone, in several languages. Support responses are guaranteed in less than 30 minutes via live chat.

Choosing a video editor on your own is not easy, so a lot of people revert to Google when researching these two apps. We went through some common questions and reviews to find any additional information that often pops up when people have questions about using the Hippo Video app and Bonjoro.

How much does Hippo Video cost?

Depending on the plan you choose to sign up for, Hippo Video can cost from $7 per month per user annually for the simplest plan up to $99+ per month per user for the enterprise plan.

How do you use Hippo Video?

Hippo Video is a web app that works in your browser. From there, you can record, edit, and send videos. More info about how Hippo works can be found in their knowledge base.

Do Hippo Video videos have watermarks?

The free version of Hippo Video allows you to create videos that are branded with their logo. To send a video with your own branding, you'll have to sign up for one of the paid plans.

How do I download Hippo Video?

Since Hippo Video is a web app, there are no downloads. However, if you want to record your screen using Hippo Video, you need to download their Chrome extension.

How to record and edit videos?

With Bonjoro, you can use the desktop or the mobile app to easily record a video with your webcam or smartphone camera, add your message, and send it to your customer’s email inbox.

Is Hippo Video free?

No, but there is a free Hippo Video plan.

Wrapping up

Depending on your specific needs, one of the platforms might make sense over the other one.

Hippo Video does offer a bit more features than Bonjoro, however, the price might not be realistic for any company with a limited budget.

On the other hand, Bonjoro works primarily with businesses that prioritize personalized video at different stages of the customer funnel and that understand why video can help them gain a competitive advantage over competitors. Bonjoro integrates with a lot of popular CRMs, marketing, sales, email automation, and other platforms, meaning you will be able to easily record, edit, send, and integrate videos into your existing sales processes. 

Both Hippo manager and Bonjoro are great tools that can help you connect with your prospects and customers. Both of them are available as a free trial, meaning you can test each one out and see which platform works for you and your needs. Also, both offer free versions, if you are okay with missing out on personal branding.

Try Bonjoro for Free

If you are curious about testing Bonjoro or if you are looking to get our free forever plan, you can start your free trial of Bonjoro here.

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