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If you are looking for an alternative to BombBomb, due to pricing, features or integration needs, this article will walk you through a free alternative, Bonjoro.

Bonjoro has a free forever plan, as well as paid options with more branding flexibility and features. 

This article will help you compare Bonjoro as an alternative to BombBomb based on a number of core features:

  • Sending your videos
  • Customer support
  • Pricing
  • Integrations
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Unique features

What’s great is that both BombBomb and Bonjoro allow you to open free trials, so you can test your preferences without having to commit. 

So let’s get into it.

Sending your videos - BombBomb vs. Bonjoro

In BombBomb, you typically work straight from your inbox, you record a message inside your outlook, gmail etc. and send it out. If you prefer to have a more templated look, or send a bulk message, you can customize templates and send at volume (up to 2500 messages on the basic plan) straight from the BombBomb interface under the Email tab. Sending with Bombbomb is pretty intuitive and fairly manual. 

With Bonjoro, you send messages straight from the Bonjoro app on either your desktop or your phone. You can either upload a list of people you want to send to, easily grab a specific person you recently interacted with from your email, or set up automation to have new tasks automatically brought in from your CRM or email automation tool.

Customers regularly comment on how simple the Bonjoro interface and workflow is, and we have tons of 5-star reviews on raving about the simplicity and impact of sending video emails with Bonjoro.

One of the key differences with Bonjoro vs. BombBomb is it works from tasks. 

Say you wanted to record a thank you for ten recent customers. In BombBomb you would create the contacts and then go and manually go through them to make videos. But what if you could only get to 6 today? In Bombbomb you would have to find some way to add leads you have reached out to to another list or otherwise check that you have sent to them.

In Bonjoro, we create tasks so you know exactly who you need to reach out to and once the task is completed, it disappears from your queue. This makes things streamlined and saves time. If you're wondering what your final videos will look like, here's a great example from one of our customers (click the image to watch the video), Design Pickle. There's an awesome case study here, all about how their sales team got over 85% open rates on their sales campaigns!

Also, we will get into this more in the integration conversation but Bonjoro brings in custom attributes directly from our 20+ connected applications (things like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Hubspot etc.) meaning that if someone opts in on a form, not only can you automatically be notified to record them a video on your phone, but you can have all the context on that new lead too. This saves a ton of time. 

Finally, in Bonjoro you can use the Chrome Extension to grab just the video asset and paste it into nearly any other system so you can use it as part of a bulk email send or as an autoresponder. So this allows you a lot of flexibility when it comes to how you personalize.

Customer Support - BombBomb vs. Bonjoro

At Bombbomb, you sign up and then if you have questions you can reach out to the support desk to get help. BombBomb is a big company and while they are happy to provide technical assistance (or give you tips if you ask for them), they mostly let you figure things out through the documentation. They are a big organization and at this point in their life cycle are focused around “scaling”. 

Bonjoro is a fast growing, but smaller organization which affords our customers many advantages. First, we personally welcome every new trial. We have specialists in different industries (SaaS, eCommerce, Real Estate, Courses etc.) and we pair up our specialists with customers for the best experience. Rather than only have meetings when pressed, we invite each new customer to meet with our specialists, like Casey below.

In fact, Bonjoro's customer support was recently rewarded with a ton of great accolades from the folks at, including Easiest to Do Business With and Best Support in the FALL 2020 G2 awards.

These specialists also are not just entry level support reps who will link you to some help documentation. Our specialist team is highly experienced, with many having a decade plus of industry specific knowledge and they can help not only in a technical sense, but a strategic one. This is huge. Having reps who have the ability to help you develop a plan, versus just explaining features means more customers are able to get to results. And being able to get results, in a way that is easy and straightforward, is what customers are after. 

In addition, because Bonjoro is a global team with hubs in Australia, United States, United Kingdom and South Africa, it means we have team members there to help across every time zone. 

Pricing - Bombbomb vs. Bonjoro

This is a straightforward one. Here is BombBomb’s pricing page.

This is Bonjoro’s pricing page.

With BombBomb, if you are looking for even basic tracking and live support services that puts you at the individual plus, which is $588 a year (or $69/month if paying monthly). This is equivalent to our Pro plan which is $390/year or $39/month in terms of features (tracking, unlimited sends, mobile app etc).

If you are looking to bring your team onboard, Bonjoro is typically a few hundred dollars cheaper. With Bonjoro, you pay $79 for the first seat on Growth and then $20 for each additional seat. At BombBomb you pay $29 per seat for every seat. So if you have a team of 10 it would be $2990/year on BombBomb or $2590/year on Bonjoro. Granted, the larger your team size, the more advantageous Bonjoro would scale on the pricing. 

Bonjoro also does have a free forever plan where you can still send videos (you just miss out on having your own branding and template flexibility). 

Integrations - Bombbomb vs. Bonjoro

Both BombBomb and Bonjoro have a large range of integrations. For Bombbomb their integrations are primarily focused around real estate systems and CRM’s.

For Bonjoro, our integrations are primarily focused around email automation and CRM systems.

This one is really just a matter of searching for the systems that you use. Check out Bonjoro's integrations here, and Bombbomb's here.

If the system you use doesn’t show up, both BombBomb and Bonjoro work with Zapier.

Tracking & Reporting - Bombbomb vs. Bonjoro

Although both BombBomb and Bonjoro offer tracking and analytics, Bonjoro’s tracking is a bit more robust. 

Here is what you can see with BombBomb’s tracking (you can see videos sent by team member and if people respond):

At Bonjoro, we will show you all of these analytics (plus likes and click throughs) on a team member basis..

But we will also show you performance by templates so you can see how your best performing templates are doing…

This is critical for split testing your best subject lines, backgrounds and CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons. 

Unique Features for both BombBomb and Bonjoro

For Bombbomb you have the following unique features:

  • Send directly from inside gmail
  • Schedule your videos to send at a later date
  • Paid option for custom built templates (by the BombBomb team)
  • Lead Scoring

For Bonjoro you have the following unique features:

  • Conversations: or the ability for a customer to respond back directly on the video message in real time
  • Task list: A simple and intuitive way to see what messages you still need to get out. With Tasks it’s easy to know what you need to do and when.
  • Attributes/Customer Context: Because of our native integrations Bonjoro can pull in any field data from your CRM or ESP (email service provider) so you can not only easily respond to people from your phone on the go, but have context about their industry, title or certain questions they have answered on a form. 
  • Roll-ups: With Bonjoro you can easily bunch tasks and do a bulk send to a group of 10, 20, 30 etc. contacts at once to save yourself time.
  • Deliverability Checker: This one is huge. Bonjoro checks the authenticity of each email you upload with a field called “Reputation”, making sure you aren’t wasting time on false email addresses.

On top of that, we give you a delivery history after you send a message, so you can know if the message was actually received by the inbox.

Ultimately, nothing else we discuss matters if messages aren’t landing in people’s inboxes.

Try Bonjoro for Free

At the end of the day, both Bonjoro and Bombbomb are powerful tools to help you stay human and connected with your communities. While we have laid out some of the differences between the two above, the beautiful thing about it is that both platforms offer free trials! You are welcome to test out both and see which interface, user experience and results were stronger for you!

If you are curious about testing Bonjoro or looking at our free forever plan, you can get your free trial of Bonjoro here.

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