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Author Avatar Matt Barnett wrote this on Oct 5, 2018


Thanks so much for joining us on the DottoTech YouTube Livestream! We had a total blast, and as a thank-you we're bringing a special offer to all attendees.

Sign up to Bonjoro today, and get VIP treatment reserved only for DottoTech fans. Here's what's included:

DottoTech VIP Deal

VIP onboarding 1, Funnel Setup

- 30 minute 1:1 call with Bonjoro's video experts. We'll ask about your business and recommend specific workflows designed to help you Convert, Activate, Retain, and Grow your customer base.

VIP onboarding 2, Scaling Results

- 30 minute follow up call at the end of 2 months to review your account, and offer recommendations for driving even better results for your business.

Copy of Bonjoro's Personal Video Playbook

- Featuring over 30 tried and trusted "plays" for how to use video in your own business - each play solves a specific business pain-point, and features the exact subject lines, messaging and call-to-actions you should use. *Launching 21 October 2019*

Copy of Bonjoro's infamous Customer Delight Whitepaper

- Showcasing all of the ideas and tactics that helped Bonjoro grow 3500% in one year, and a checklist and 7-point plan to defining your own approach.


How to get your VIP treatment...

Sign up for your FREE 14 day trial as normal right here.

Once you're signed up and logged in to Bonjoro, just send us a LiveChat message mentioning the DottoTech VIP deal, and we'll invite you for your VIP onboarding call, and send over your Ebooks. It's that simple.

See you on the inside!

Matt Barnett, Papa Bear 🐻

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