Easily Convert Inbound Leads With a Bonjoro + ActiveCampaign Workflow

Oliver Bridge

Lead conversion is often described as the most challenging part of the sales funnel. Sparking a prospect’s interest and motivating them to become a buyer requires intelligent, effective marketing, in addition to having a worthwhile product to offer.

As such, you’ll want to use all the tools at your disposal to truly connect with leads and transform them into customers. Bonjoro personalized videos are one such tool, letting you establish a deep, meaningful connection with each prospect. 

If you’re using ActiveCampaign’s awesome marketing platform to manage your sales processes, you can significantly increase your lead conversion rates by integrating it with Bonjoro. 

Here are the exact steps you need to take.

P.S. You can check out our full video walkthrough of Bonjoro's ActiveCampaign integration here, and easily import this automation into your ActiveCampaign account via the Recipe here.

Step 1: Set up a workflow inside your AC account

First, you’ll need to connect these two platforms and set up an automated workflow. To do this, log in to your ActiveCampaign account and head to Automations.

Next, you’ll need to pick a trigger event – an event that, when it occurs in ActiveCampaign, will lead to the automatic creation of a Bonjoro Task for the contact. This will allow you to record and send a personalized video to them.

In this example we create a trigger based off a contact being subscribed to our "Trials" list.

You then need to set up your action. To do this click on CX apps, then select Bonjoro...

After you’ve chosen a trigger, follow the steps to connect your ActiveCampaign account to Bonjoro.

Now, here's the really clever bit!

You can also select which custom attributes will be copied over from ActiveCampaign to Bonjoro when the workflow is triggered, giving you valuable information to make the video genuinely personalized.

In this example we've selected industry name, greets completed, and added design - here at Bonjoro this means we know the industry of each lead, if they have sent a video yet, and if they've created a video template with their branding. We can then give them personalized tips for their industry use-cases, and tell them what steps to take next around sending videos and creating a branded template.

When you’ve set everything up, click finish, and then set the Automation to "Active". Now every time you get a new lead they will be magically added into your Bonjoro Tasklist, ready to record a video!

Step 2: Create a video template

You can now create a Bonjoro video template to go along with your lead conversion workflow.

The template lets you customize the appearance of your video in your leads inbox, and the video landing page where they'll watch your video. By making a template, you’ll save yourself a lot of time in the long run, as you’ll be able to focus solely on creating a great Bonjoro video with all the other content prepared beforehand.

Here's a handy video showing you how to create a message template for your videos:

Step 3: Record your Bonjoro videos

The workflow you’ve created will now create a Bonjoro Task for every lead you capture. When this happens, you’ll receive a notification telling you to record the video. 

Focus on making the video truly impressive and unique by relying on trusted video creation practices. Once you’ve recorded the video, attach the template you created and click ‘Send’.

And that's it. Your leads will be blown away by the personalized experience and you'll convert more of them than ever before!

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