3 clever Bonjoro + ActiveCampaign video workflows for coaches & creators

Oliver Bridge

As a business coach or creator, your ability to connect with your audience on a personal level can make all the difference in generating more business and revenue.

This is where personalized video messaging enters the picture. With tools like Bonjoro and ActiveCampaign, business coaches and creators can leverage the power of personalized video to create authentic, one-to-one connections with their audience at scale.

Whether you're welcoming new leads, following up with webinar attendees, or re-engaging dormant customers, personalized video allows you to convey warmth, sincerity, and authenticity in a way that traditional text-based communication simply can't match.

In this blog post, we'll explore three indispensable Bonjoro + ActiveCampaign video workflows specifically tailored to the needs of business coaches and creators.

1. Convert More Inbound Leads

Converting inbound leads into fully fledged customers is often the toughest nut to crack in the sales funnel. However, with the right tools, like Bonjoro personalized videos and ActiveCampaign's marketing platform, you can significantly increase your conversion rates.


  • Set up a workflow inside your ActiveCampaign account to automatically create Bonjoro tasks for new leads.
  • Create a personalized video template for following up with your inbound leads.
  • Record your Bonjoro videos and watch as your leads are blown away by the personalized experience.

Ready to get started? Read the full guide for this workflow here.

2. Follow up with Webinar Attendees

Webinars are an excellent tool for attracting leads, but following up with attendees is crucial for converting them into customers. Bonjoro personalized videos integrated with ActiveCampaign's automation make this process seamless.


  • Connect Bonjoro and ActiveCampaign to set up an automated workflow for webinar follow-ups.
  • Prepare a Bonjoro video template tailored to your webinar attendees.
  • Record personalized videos for each attendee to engage them and drive conversion.

Ready to get started? Read the full guide for this workflow here.

3. Re-Engage Inactive Customers

Don't let dormant customers slip away! With ActiveCampaign's tagging system and Bonjoro personalized videos, you can re-engage inactive leads and past customers effectively.


  • Set up an automated workflow in ActiveCampaign to tag dormant customers.
  • Create a personalized video template for re-engagement purposes.
  • Send personalized win-back videos with Bonjoro.

Ready to get started? Read the full guide for this workflow here.

Get a free trial of Bonjoro

These three workflows showcase the power of combining Bonjoro and ActiveCampaign to enhance your marketing efforts, improve lead conversion, and boost customer retention.

By using these two platforms together, you'll not only increase your lead conversion rates but also foster stronger relationships with your customers, leading to greater retention and loyalty. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your marketing to the next level. Sign up for Bonjoro's free 14-day trial and explore the endless possibilities of combining Bonjoro and ActiveCampaign today!

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