Bonjoro launches Roll-ups - personal video just got truly scalable

Author Avatar Oliver Bridge wrote this on Jul 5, 2019


Sending personal videos shouldn't be a chore.

  • It should be fun.
  • It should be effective.
  • And crucially, it should be scalable to every workflow.

That's why today Bonjoro is launching Roll-ups. A simple, time-saving way to send Bonjoro videos to multiple contacts.

Just select which contacts you want to roll-up, and send one video to all of those contacts:

  • Get behind on sending your Bonjoro videos, don't worry, with Roll-ups you can fly through the rest with ease.
  • Get hundreds (or thousands) of signups in a day, don't fret, send 1-1 videos to your VIPs, and send a Roll-up to the rest.
  • Get bogged down with business-as-usual, but know just how much your customers love your personal videos, Roll-ups has you covered!

Of course, 1-1 videos are still the gold-standard, but sometimes 1-1 just isn't possible amidst your busy schedule. You're a human, not a machine, and at Bonjoro, we're here to help you work smarter, not harder.

Best of all, Roll-ups lets you send personal videos in a way that suits your business and your goals.

You choose who gets 1-1, and who gets a Roll-up.

  • If a contact has no first name, Roll-up.
  • If a contact has no business email, Roll-up.
  • If a contact signed up a few days ago, Roll-up.

Just a few examples of how Roll-ups can be used.

Roll-ups can be customised to fit your own business values and your own workflow - we're not here to tell you how to do things, after all, you know your customers better than we do.



Sounds ace! How can I get Bonjoro Roll-ups?

Roll-ups launches on our $45 Grrrowth plan today 😲

If you're on the Grrrowth plan, log in now and go take it for a spin - we think you'll love what you find 🤩

If you're on our $25 Essentials plan and want to activate Roll-ups, you can do that by upgrading your account here 💪

OK, how exactly do I use Roll-ups?

It's so incredibly simple, you'll master it in a matter of seconds! Here's how it's done in 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Select the contacts on your to-do list that you would like to roll up, and hit the button that says [Roll Up these To-Dos]:

Bonjoro Roll Ups step 1

Step 2. Run through the the to-do wizard like this:

N.B - Mobile App Roll-ups. You can currently only Roll-up contacts via the web app, but you can still send your Roll-up videos via your mobile app. Just pop into the web app, roll them up, and then grab your phone and send!

Step 3. Record and send your message as you usually would from your To-do list!

N.B - Results List. You will see an individual result for each recipient in your results list and they will be able to reply like in a 1-1 Bonjoro.

IMPORTANT: Treat Roll-ups with respect

Whilst Roll-ups is hugely exciting, and we're delighted to bring it into the world, before you dive in head-first, here's some important advice from us:

  • 1-1, and personal is still the name of the game. We 100% still recommend using 1-1 messages for the majority of your Bonjoros and particularly for your best customers and leads. 1-1 personalised messages have the biggest impact with your recipients and for your business.
  • Limit your use of Roll-ups. In addition to point 1 we recommend limiting your use of roll-ups as mass sending of identical emails will have an impact on your email reputation over time. Those using a Gmail integration for their email address should be particularly aware of this. We are working on a feature update that will mitigate this and will announce it shortly.
  • Roll-ups should only be used in certain situations. Roll-ups are best for lower return contacts, or situations where you are doing a quick touch base with an established set of customers for a personal touch.
  • Create Message Templates specifically for Roll-ups. You should have a separate Roll-Up Message Template that better suits a more generic message as you won't be able to say the contacts' names in the video.
  • Rollups is not just a set-and forget canned response. Make sure to keep it timely to keep it relevant and in-the-moment. If you are thanking a group of customers that bought a particular product, mention the product. If it's a daily welcome to a group of sign ups, mention the day and anything else that will show them you recorded that day.

OK, that's it...

Bonjoro Roll-ups. Same Bonjoro, just a little more scalable.

Stay grizzly!

The Bonjoro team 🐻

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