Bonjoro launches Reply-by-Video

Oliver Bridge

We're excited to tell you that your Bonjoro account just got a free upgrade.

From today, all Bonjoro customers can now use Reply-by-video, our latest feature designed to help you convert more leads and build true customer relationships!

Here's everything you need to know about the first of many great new features dropping into your Bonjoro account in the next 6 months.

What is Reply-by-video?

Reply-by-video is a powerful, but intuitive new feature that lets your customers respond to your Bonjoro videos with a video of their own!

They can do this in seconds without having to download anything at all.

They simply click "Reply by Video", grant access to the Bonjoro web recorder, record their video and hit send. That's it, it will email a video right back to you!

Here's a video showing it in action - you'll see just how quick and easy it is for your customers to do:

Why did we launch it?

As well as being a highly requested feature, we believe that this will help you create even stronger engagement with your leads and customers and get better results from Bonjoro. There are two main reasons why:

1. You'll feel more connected to your customers. Being able to respond on video gives your leads and customers the ability to share in your enthusiasm and deepen that initial spark of engagement.

2. You will learn much more about your customers. Being able to respond on video gives them the chance to share more about their needs and values, and means you can serve them better.

How does it work?

It's so easy to use, we can explain it in 3 quick steps.

Step 1: Send your videos with Bonjoro

  • No need to change your workflow. Send your Bonjoro videos to your leads and customers as normal - welcome videos, thank-you videos, follow-up videos.

Step 2: They can send you one right back

  • Your recipient can now respond to your Bonjoro videos with one of their own, without downloading anything.

Step 3: Spark more conversations

  • Their videos come right back into your Bonjoro replies tab, so you can feel their excitement, and build that connection.

What should you use it for?

This is something we'll find out together, but here's 3 powerful ways we've seen it used already:

Asking for customer feedback

  • Typing out replies can be a bit tiresome. Now you can ask customers to send a video reply back to you, so they can give you better information, with no friction.

Gathering powerful testimonial videos

  • Great case studies can be so hard to collect. Now you have a super-simple way to do it. Just ask for a video reply, and quickly gather powerful video testimonials to use on your website. 

Supporting your customers

  • Clients don’t always have time to “jump on a call”. Now they can tell you what they need in their own time, and you can respond in yours. 

Ready to give it a go? Sign up for a free 14 day trial of Bonjoro, or login to your account here.


How does it work exactly?

You simply record your Bonjoro videos as normal, hit send, and your recipient will see an option to reply-by-video.

Their video response will come back into your Bonjoro account, under the Replies tab. You'll be notified as normal that a customer has responded, so you can continue the conversation.

Can my customers reply from their mobile as well as desktop?

No, not yet. Reply-by-video is only possible on desktop based web browsers at the moment.

Is Reply-by-video part of my existing plan?

Yes! It is now on every plan from Free Forever, right up to our top Grrrowth plan - you can see our plans here.

Bonjoro's mission is to help you build better relationships with your customers, so they become customers for life. Reply-by-video is part of that mission, and we don't think that should be limited by how much you pay us.

That's it! We hope you love it, and remember, stay grizzly 🐻

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