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Oliver Bridge

One accusation levelled against personal video is that it takes too long to do.

That despite the enormous difference in outcomes, compared to 1-1 emails, or automated email sequences, it's just too big a time investment to be scalable for every business.

Today we release two new features designed to change that:

1. Website Checker - view your recipient's website right inside Bonjoro

2. Recipient Context - view your own CRM data right inside Bonjoro

Why they matter to YOU

Recipient Context

You can now pull specific data into Bonjoro directly from your CRM, so you have context on who you're recording for and what actions they have taken on your site.

How can I use this?

In the screenshot above you'll see a variety of custom fields on our recipient's profile card. Looking at those underlined in red we can tell that Mark hasn't yet downloaded the Bonjoro app, sent a Bonjoro, nor taken a number of other key actions. This means we can tailor our video directly to Mark, and tell him what actions he should take next in order to get value from our product.

In your own context this could be:

- seeing exactly which product your customer has bought

- how much a donor has donated to you

- what pages your recipient saw before they signed up

+ any other actions you are capturing within your CRM.

This makes your videos much quicker and easier to research and record, and helps you to better achieve your desired outcomes.

How do I set it up?

If you use one of the CRM platforms listed below, you'll find Recipient Context already active within your account.

Just head to the Automations tab, and either setup, or edit an existing automation. As you run through the process you will see a step called "Configure Options". Click this.

Click the "Search Attributes" dropdown, as shown here:

Then select any attributes you want to pull through into Bonjoro, and complete the rest of the process. There's a handy example view that shows how your data will appear in Bonjoro 👍

N.B. Recipient Context is currently only available for the following CRM integrations.
We will release more as fast as our little paws allow us!
- Active Campaign
- ConvertKit
- Intercom
- InfusionSoft
- Shopify
- Patreon (in final testing)
- Mailchimp (in final testing)

More coming soon...

Website Checker

This one is so simple. But so effective.

How can I use this?

Right before you send your video simply click on the View Website link on the recipient's profile card, and it will open up their website right inside the Bonjoro app. Do a little research on their site, and then record your video with some context:

- Mention their site and show you've taken the time to research what they do

- Flag something about their business that you can help with

- Praise them or compliment their work to instantly build a rapport

+ unlimited other things you can think of to engage and delight them

How do I set it up?

There is no setup required. As long as your contact has a company email, Bonjoro will find their domain and present you with the View Website link. Just tap it and away you go!

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