Bonjoro launches personal video integration for ActiveCampaign

Oliver Bridge

Bonjoro and ActiveCampaign have officially combined to help you make personal video a core part of your sales and retention tactics.

With our new native ActiveCampaign integration, you can now record and send quick personal videos to your leads and customers based on events and tags inside your ActiveCampaign account.

Read on to find our everything you need to know, and create your first personal video automations inside of ActiveCampaign.

(Hint: Scroll to the bottom of the article for inspiration and pre-built recipes you can copy and use today).

Why we chose ActiveCampaign for our first NATIVE integration

In the last few years, the number one marketing automation tool connected to Bonjoro has been ActiveCampaign.

Over 3000 Bonjoro customers have come through the door, and built incredible funnels by connecting Bonjoro to ActiveCampaign using Zapier.

This combination has proved to be super powerful for building great customer relationships, and we’ll continue to support our Zapier integration.

But many of you told us that using Zapier to link both our tools together was too limited, and prevented you from engaging your leads and customers at exactly the right times, based on custom fields and events inside of your ActiveCampaign accounts.

As huge fans, and avid users of ActiveCampaign ourselves, we knew that adding Bonjoro directly into the ActiveCampaign automation editor would open up a whole new world of opportunities.

So, here it is. A completely native integration, built just for you...

How to add Bonjoro to your existing ActiveCampaign automations

You can now add Bonjoro into your ActiveCampaign automations via the CX apps option.

By adding Bonjoro to your automation, you'll be notified in your Bonjoro account whenever you need to record a personal video for your prospect, lead, or customer. Here’s a quick video that shows you exactly how it works. It’s so easy to do.

You can even pull through custom fields from your own ActiveCampaign account, to help you make your videos truly personal and relevant to the exact context of your customer. Simply select your custom fields inside the CX app editor, and match them up to Bonjoro's custom attributes fields.

Sending personal videos is all building trust with customers and driving action, and having the right data at your fingertips makes it scalable to all parts of your customer funnel, such as:

  • Converting new leads by engaging them with highly personalized videos.
  • Creating personal, customised onboarding experiences for new customers.
  • Building relationships with your existing customers at key milestones.

The crazy results you can achieve with personal video

Adding personal video to your funnels is all about getting results.

You'll build trust, and drive more engagement with your customers right off the bat. Here are just two real-life examples that show the power of adding video to the right customer touchpoints.

This is Joe. He runs a coffee shop called O’Joe’s.

Every time a customer buys an order of coffee from Joe, he gets automatically notified on Bonjoro to quickly record them a personal video to thank them, and tell them about his subscription coffee options.

In just 14 weeks, Joe managed to upsell 50% of his one-time buyers to his subscriptions, and his revenues went from $35k/month to $75k/month.

Or, how about YourVone, a SaaS company who recently launched their monthly revenue from $20k to $50k in just a few months by sending personal videos to their new free trial leads? 

Need some inspiration? Let’s talk recipes!

To celebrate the launch of Bonjoro on ActiveCampaign’s CX app-store, we put together a bunch of recipes that show you how to add video to the most important parts of your customer funnels.

Here’s our Top 3 starter recipes. You can view even more over at ActiveCampaign’s Recipes Marketplace.

Recipe #1 - Convert inbound leads by sending a personal video

Hook up your ActiveCampaign to Bonjoro to send a quick personalised video to each new lead, and get them taking the right steps towards converting with your business.

Here’s an example from Tracy Video Script Success. You can read how she converted 55% of her leads to her Facebook group here.

Recipe #2 - Activate new customers by sending a personal welcome video

Send a personal video within the first few hours of your new customer signing up. Welcome them by name, let them know how they will be supported by you and your team, and give them a signpost on the next best steps to take to get amazing value from your product.

Here’s an example from Design Pickle. You can read their Bonjoro success story here.

Recipe #3 - Reduce demo “no-shows” by sending a personal video before the event

This funnel puts an end to no-shows, by letting you send personal reminders to prospects with a quick video. They’ll know your face, feel at ease, and feel more obliged to show up.

Here’s an example video from ONTRAPORT who got a 15% boost in appointment attendance for both sales and onboarding calls using Bonjoro videos.

Need even more inspiration?

Check out our own Video Funnel Playbook; over 30 tried & tested, high-converting video funnels for sales, marketing, and customer success teams.

Connect Bonjoro to ActiveCampaign today

Ready to delight your customers with personal videos at the perfect moment?

You can get a free 14 day trial of Bonjoro here, and add Bonjoro videos to your ActiveCampaign automations right away.

If you’re already with ActiveCampaign, just head to your automations editor and find us in the CX apps section. See you there!

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