[Bonjoro New feature] - Message Templates

Author Avatar Amy Habib wrote this on Jan 22, 2019

If you are an old Bonjoro bear, you might have noticed a little change within our platform. If you're a new bear, well, you joined at a pretty cool time.  

Message templates massively improves Bonjoro in two ways:

Custom branding and funnels

With Message Templates you can now edit your subject line, message, CTA, background, and logo, all in one template that works on both desktop and mobile! This means you can easily create separate templates for various funnels in your business. Whether it's connecting with sales leads, welcoming new users, thanking buyers, you can have a unique template for each moment in the funnel. Every template also has unique tracking, so you can see just how well your videos are performing for each customer touchpoint.

Customise your video message and landing page ☝️

Track your results, and adapt your efforts ☝️

And that’s not even the best part of it! We have also added custom recipient <NAMES>.

Custom recipient <NAMES>

This means that Bonjoro will autofill the recipients' name in your messages, so you can focus on sending Bonjoros instead of worrying if you have spelled your customers name right. Message Templates drastically shorten the recording process and decrease the editing process to a simple click: “send”.

Let Bonjoro automatically grab the first name of all of your recipients, so you don't ever have to type it ☝️

All you need to do to create a template is go into your settings and hit that handsome looking button that says “Message Templates”. If you would like more guidance, have a look at our handy help doc that will give you a step by step guide to creating a Message Template.

Lots more inbound very soon.

Ciao for now