Use Bonjoro to Get Glowing Reviews From Your Shopify Customers

Oliver Bridge

Online businesses often live and die by user reviews.

A string of 1-star reviews can seriously impair your business and take you months to restore your reputation.

Therefore, it’s crucial to get a consistent stream of happy new customers to leave glowing reviews for your products that push those negative reviews down the list.

But with email automations getting less and less effective, as customers get bombarded with generic review request emails from every other brand, you'll need a fresh approach to stand out and drive those reviews.

This is where Bonjoro's integration with Shopify can work wonders.

By connecting Bonjoro to your Shopify store you can send quick personalized videos to thank your customers for their purchase and remind customers to leave a review if they are happy with their purchase.

To use Bonjoro with Shopify, you’ll need to integrate the two platforms - this is done extremely quickly by following a few easy steps.

Create a Bonjoro-Shopify integration

To start, you’ll need to set up an automated workflow between Bonjoro and Shopify. To do this, go to Bonjoro’s dashboard and click on the Integrations button. Once there, find Shopify on the list and select it.

In the next section, you’ll have to choose a Shopify trigger event that automatically creates a Bonjoro Task for the customer. Since this is a workflow for targeting satisfied customers, the trigger to select here is ‘Order Fulfilled’.

After, you can select what customer details will be copied from Shopify to Bonjoro when the workflow is triggered. This can be the name of the product they ordered, price, the customer’s location, and so forth. Add everything you believe will help you make a more personalized video.

Once you fill in everything, test and set the integration live.

Prepare a Bonjoro template

Another thing you can do is make a Bonjoro template for this use case specifically.

With the template, you can prepare all the content you’ll be sending to all the customers you’re targeting, which will accompany your unique, personalized video. 

The template can include a your branding, a thank you message, and of course a link to leave a review for their purchase. Here's how the template editor looks.

And here's an amazing example video from our customer Iain, who uses Bonjoro videos to thank customers, and drive a steady stream of Google reviews for his brand. You can read his full case study here:

How an eCommerce company turned a £3 purchase into a £1000+ customer

Create a thank-you video when notified

Once the trigger you chose occurs, you’ll be notified through Bonjoro to make the video for the customer and a Bonjoro Task will be created for them automatically. Simply click "Record now" to start recording your video.

It’s up to you what you’ll put in the video, but make sure it’s memorable, personalized, and not too pushy.

Simply thank your customer, inform them what's happening with their order, and suggest they leave a review if they are happy with their product once they receive it. Here's a script you could try:

Hi, [NAME]!

My name is [NAME], I’m a [POSITION] at [BRAND NAME], and I wanted to thank you personally for making your first purchase with us. As a small business every purchase truly means the world to us, and we're delighted to have you be part of our journey at [BRAND NAME].

You can check out your order details in your email. Your expected delivery time is [DELIVERY TIME] but you’ll be notified if anything changes. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have – either on our social media, email, or any other channels you prefer. You can even reply to this video if you’d like.

Once you receive your [PRODUCT NAME], we'd love it if you could share a snap of it on social media, or leave us a review once you've had time to truly test it out. We're sure you'll love it!

Thanks again, and have a great day!

And that's it. You have a system in place for recording delightful thank-you videos, that will get you more 5-star reviews, and lots more word of mouth for your growing brand.

Get a free Bonjoro trial

If you're ready to give this process a shot, grab your free 14 day trial of Bonjoro here.

We promise, it'll be one of the best decisions you'll take for your Ecommerce store this year.

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