New Feature: Emoji-reactions

Author Avatar Oliver Bridge wrote this on Sep 15, 2018

People love clicking stuff.

People love clicking stuff repeatedly.

People love clicking stuff when they are super-excited, like when you send them a personal video.

Your customers can now tell you just how much they love you by hammering your thanks button - the ultimate Bonjoro feel-good feedback mechanism just got better.

So what exactly is Emoji-reactions?

I'm glad you asked. Here's a quick video whisking you through the new Emoji-reactions button on your Bonjoro videos.

So I forgot to say something SUPER important on that video.

Bonjoro Emoji-reactions has one MAJOR benefit, which is that you can quickly see how delighted customers/recipients are relative to one another.

This is key, because every company wants to know exactly how engaged their customers are, and who is going to be their next SUPERFAN. Emoji-reactions can help you identify your next biggest advocates, so you can get closer to them and build that relationship from 1-1000.

We hope you like Emoji-reactions, and as ever let us know your thoughts right over in Live Chat. We're excited to see how this works out for you. It's really taken our own Bonjoros to the next level, and we've developed way more advocates and affiliates as a result of this one simple change.