Build Bonjoro Into Any Workflow With Our New Zapier Integration

Oliver Bridge

We launched Bonjoro a little over a year ago with one simple mission statement:

“In a world of increasing automation, help every business be more human through personal video messages”

As a business we had long believed that you should automate processes, but NEVER relationships, and Bonjoro finally helped us share this ethos with the world.

Within weeks of launching Bonjoro we were being inundated with integration requests from prospective clients who clearly shared our values: we had charities desperate to use us to thank donors, but we didn’t link with their existing CRMs; we had e-Commerce sellers biting our hand off to use Bonjoro for loyal customers, but they needed to pull contacts in from Shopify. No two requests were the same and we were a team of just five people trying to accomodate everyone.

Pretty quickly we realised we wouldn’t be able to support the flurry of integration requests from our prospective clients. We had enterprises knocking at our door, and we had to turn them away. We had amazing, solo entrepreneurs desperate to use personal video as part of their customer engagement strategy, and we had to say “I’m sorry, it’s in the roadmap, but you’ll need to wait a while.” It made us sad, but it also forced us to look for the smart solution.

After a few months of testing, and building an amazing relationship with the team at Zapier, we’re proud to announce that solution. We're launching on the Zapier platform today.

Bonjoro + Zapier - What does it mean for you?

If you are unfamiliar with the platform, Zapier lets you connect pretty much any two online apps you can think of to create your own custom workflows. It's as simple (and powerful) as it sounds. All you need to do is think of those critical opportunities to engage your customers via Bonjoro, and build a “Zap” for them.

If you run an online store using WooCommerce, rather than send an automated email to each new buyer, you could use this Zap to send a personal “thanks” using Bonjoro.

If you work in customer success and you want to ensure the smoothest handover from sales once you land a new client, our Pipedrive integration on Zapier can trigger a Bonjoro for the relevant CS team member as soon as your sales team converts them to “Won”.

If you want to send Bonjoros to new blog subscribers as soon as they join your mailing list on ConvertKit, it’s all made super simple with this Zap.

If you just want to show your team how much love you get from sending out Bonjoros, you can now post Bonjoro “thanks” notifications into your teams Slack channel with this simple Zap.

Whatever you do with Zapier and Bonjoro, the point is connectivity. The point is making things personal again.

Whether you run a small business or you work for an enormous enterprise, the fact is that too few people these days take the time to truly connect with customers. Let’s turn that around. Take a look at your customer journey, think deeply about those moments where it would light up their world to hear from you personally, and make each of those moment count with a Bonjoro.

For more information on how to integrate Bonjoro and Zapier we’ve put together a super easy help document here:

If you already know how to use Zapier, and you’re an existing lover of Bonjoro, what are you waiting for? Get sending those videos and let’s light up your customers’ worlds together!

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