Connect Bonjoro and HubSpot to Follow-Up After Sales Demos

Oliver Bridge

After a sales demo, it’s crucial to follow up with your prospects to summarize what was said, provide additional information, and motivate them to take that next step.

This is where Bonjoro’s videos come in, letting you add a personal touch that inspires confidence in the next step of the process.

Here, we’ll show you how to connect Bonjoro + HubSpot to make a quick workflow to send personalized video follow-ups to your prospects.

Integrate Bonjoro and HubSpot

To start, log in to your Bonjoro dashboard and click the Integrations tab. Locate HubSpot on the list of native integrations, select it, and click ‘Continue’.

Then, you need to choose a Trigger - an event in HubSpot that, when it occurs, will lead to the automatic creation of a Bonjoro Task for the prospect.

For this example we'll choose "Contact Property Changed", so that when a property is changed in Hubspot to denote a sales follow-up is required, we get notified to send or video.

In the next section, you’ll need to customize which Attributes (called "Properties" in Hubspot) will be transferred from HubSpot to Bonjoro when the workflow is triggered.

This will let you easily tailor the video to that specific prospect, as you'll have all of their info at your fingertips when recording your video. In this example we're selecting their latest meeting activity, so we can refer to that in the video, without having to refer back to our CRM:

You’ll also need to choose the person the Tasks will be assigned to, handle other variables, and select which Bonjoro campaign the Tasks will fall into.

Once you’ve filled in everything, turn the workflow on, and you'll be notified whenever you need to record a video.

Prepare a Bonjoro video template

You can also use Bonjoro’s templates to prepare the content that will accompany your personalized videos.

For this workflow, it might be wise to add links to the next step your prospect needs to take, for example booking their next call, or starting their trial.

The template can also include accompanying text, and your own branding. Here's an example of what you see when creating your template:

Create a video when notified and drive next steps

Now, whenever your prospect's lifecycle stage is updated in HubSpot, it will automatically create a Bonjoro Task for them, letting you send them the personalized follow-up video.

When this occurs, you’ll be notified and prompted to record the video. Make the video concise and practical, making sure it summarizes all critical information from the sales meeting and provide information and actions to drive your prospect to the next stage of the process.

Send your first follow-up video

If you're ready to send your own personalized follow ups, check out more about Bonjoro's Hubspot integration here, or signup now for a free 14 day trial of Bonjoro.

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