Re-Engage Dormant Customers With an ActiveCampaign + Bonjoro Workflow

Author Avatar Oliver Bridge wrote this on Mar 2, 2022

ActiveCampaign’s email marketing & automation features represent handy tools for increasing your lead conversion and customer retention rates.

However, some customers are bound to lose interest in your service or product, and pulling those users from the brink of total disengagement can be extremely difficult.

By creating an ActiveCampaign - Bonjoro automated workflow, you can re-engage dormant customers and reignite their interest. This is done by integrating ActiveCampaign’s user Tag system to flag non-engaged clients and Bonjoro’s personalized video-making capabilities to create a personal rapport with them.

Let’s go through the steps for setting this up.

Connect ActiveCampaign and Bonjoro

The first step is to set up the Bonjoro + ActiveCampaign integration. Head over to the Integrations tab on Bonjoro’s dashboard and select ActiveCampaign from the native integrations list.

Now, we need to choose the automation trigger that will automatically create a Bonjoro Task when it occurs. For the needs of this workflow, the trigger you need to choose is ‘Tag Added’.

You can also set up which customer info will be transferred from AC to Bonjoro when a Task is created, determine whether the Task will be a part of a specific campaign and assign which employee will handle the Task.

Create a Bonjoro video template

To further streamline this workflow, you should create a Bonjoro video template for re-engaging customers. This template will automatically be added to the personalized videos you make, populating the rest of the email with generalized accompanying text, additional resources, CTAs and so forth.

Use the ActiveCampaign Tag system

After setting up the workflow and creating a specialized template, it’s time to segment your customers with AC’s Tag system. Since we’re targeting non-engaged customers with this workflow, you should use these Tags for flagging clients that haven’t purchased in a while.

Make a personalized video

Once a tag has been applied to a contact in AC, a Bonjoro Task will be automatically created and the assigned employee will be notified via the Bonjoro app. Click the notification, create a personalized video, select the template you’ve made and pop ‘Send’. 

That’s it, now the workflow will do most of the legwork for you, while the video templates save time and let you focus on making great personalized videos for re-engaging customers.

You can also set this workflow up in ActiveCampaign by following this guide.

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