Re-Engage Dormant Customers With an ActiveCampaign + Bonjoro Workflow

Oliver Bridge

ActiveCampaign’s email marketing & automation features represent handy tools for increasing your lead conversion and customer retention rates.

However, some customers are bound to lose interest in your service or product, and pulling those users from the brink of total disengagement can be extremely difficult.

By creating an ActiveCampaign - Bonjoro automated workflow, you can re-engage dormant customers and reignite their interest.

This is done by integrating ActiveCampaign’s user Tag system to flag non-engaged clients and Bonjoro’s personalized video-making capabilities to create a personal rapport with them.

Let’s go through the steps for setting this up.

Connect ActiveCampaign and Bonjoro

You can do this inside Bonjoro’s dashboard, but in this guide we'll explain how to do it from inside your ActiveCampaign account.

OK let's get started.

First up, login to your ActiveCampaign account and head to Automations.

To start this automation, you'll want to select what triggers it, for re-engaging dormant leads or past customers this will likely be via a "tag added". For example if someone has been an inactive lead for 60 days, you could tag them as "Lead inactive 60+ days".

Next, you'll want to select what "action" happens when this trigger fires.

To do this, click to add an action, and select CX apps:

Then scroll down and select Bonjoro:

The action will be to create a task inside your Bonjoro account, so you can send them a quick win-back video that encourages them to come back and try your latest product, book a call with you, or start a new trial. Whatever it is for your business, make it action focused, so they know exactly what to do next.

This isn't a bait and switch, it's a super personal way to let them know that you still think your product is a good fit for them, and they'll be blown away by the personal approach.

Create a Bonjoro video template

To further streamline this workflow, you should create a Bonjoro video template for re-engaging your past customers.

This template defines how your video will look in their email inbox and on the video landing page when they watch your personalized win-back video.

Customise the video template to your specific messaging and objective.

For example you're looking to encourage them to book in a call, you could even add your Calendly booking form below your video. Here's how it would look for your customer:

Tag your dormant customers inside ActiveCampaign

After setting up the workflow and creating your template, it’s time to tag your customers with AC’s Tag system.

Since we’re targeting non-engaged leads or past customers with this workflow, you should use these Tags for flagging clients that haven’t been active, or purchased in a while.

Make a personalized video

Once a tag has been applied to a contact in AC, a Bonjoro Task will be automatically created and you will be notified via the Bonjoro app. Click the notification, create a personalized video, select the template you’ve made and ‘Send".

The great thing about this workflow is that once you've set it up, it's pretty much set and forget.

Whenever your inactive customer tag is added to your ActiveCampaign account you'll be notified to do your video. Just make sure you have an automation set up inside ActiveCampaign to automatically tag your inactive customers, and you'll be ready to re-engage your customers at the perfect moment!

P.S. If you'd like to create this workflow, but haven't signed up to Bonjoro yet, you can get your free 14 day trial here.

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