Bonjoro 2.0 - Build Amazing Customer Relationships at Scale

Oliver Bridge

Over the past 5 years we’ve been blown away with what customers have achieved with Bonjoro.

Like CXL, an online training organisation, who increased their lead conversions by 18% by sending personalized onboarding videos. Or O’Joe’s coffee, who converted 50% of their one-time buyers to subscriptions with videos recorded right at the time of roasting their coffee.

Taking the time to craft a personal message for your customers has taken customer engagement and business relationships to new heights. And as more and more companies move fully online, the need to spark, and maintain, amazing customer relationships will only increase. 

That’s why today, we’re bringing you a wave of new features inside Bonjoro to help you drive even stronger customer engagement!

This is Bonjoro 2.0 - our biggest ever update, all based on your feedback. Here’s all you need to know about this update to your Bonjoro experience.

First up, I want to introduce you to Next Gen video templates...

Next Gen video templates

If you are familiar with Bonjoro you’ll know all about our video templates system. 

It lets you customise the messages you send with Bonjoro, from the appearance of your video email, to the call-to-action that sits alongside your video.

The point of templates is two-fold:

  • To make personalization truly scalable. Once you’ve created a template for each moment in your customer's journey, you only need to record your video. No manual typing, no fiddling around. Record your video, select your template, and send.
  • To help you drive customer action. By adding CTAs alongside your personal videos, your customer has a simple way to take that next step. From booking a call, joining your community, making a donation, whatever action you want them to take, templates make it easy.

Now, Next Gen templates are here to take this customer engagement to the next level.

Here's a quick video showing you how to create your first Next Gen video template:

Put simply, Next Gen video templates allow you to embed video playlists, and other apps right below your personalized video. This opens up a whole world of new opportunities for you and your customer.

How you can use Next Gen templates

Let me give you some inspiration for how you can use Next Gen templates to grow your business quicker, and create great customer experiences!

1. Onboard new customers at scale with video playlists

You might already use Bonjoro to send personalized welcome videos to your new customers. But one big friction point we’ve heard from you over the past few years is that it’s time consuming saying the same thing in your videos. 

With Next Gen video templates you can now record a personal intro for each customer, then drop pre-recorded videos with key information right below that video. 

Use your intro video to inject that friendly, human touch, then use your other videos to help them fully understand your product, or next steps they need to take to get value.

2. Book more calls with embedded calendar apps

Bonjoro is used by thousands of inbound sales teams all over the world, and one of the strongest use-cases for personal video is to convert more inbound leads into sales demos.

By connecting Bonjoro to your CRM or sales tools, you can create Bonjoro tasks based on events like “new enquiry” or “new trial”, then send a personal video to win trust and encourage your leads to jump on a call. 

With Next Gen video templates you can book even more calls by embedding your calendar right beneath your video. This removes one extra click for your customer, and means your personal welcome is always in view when they’re making that decision. Plus with the conversation widget next to your video you can both discuss the call, and build that relationship before the event itself.

3. Gather customer feedback with embedded survey apps

Gathering surveys is often hindered by low response rates. Automated emails with a survey link just don’t seem to cut it any more.

With nNext Gen video templates you can now embed your survey directly in-line on your video landing page. Simply create your workflow based on when you ask for feedback, like end of trial, or cancelled customer. Then send your Bonjoro video and make a personal request to complete the survey right below your video.

Imagine that. Getting a personal request to share your trial experience, or why you cancelled. How much more likely would you be to take the time and answer?

Which apps are supported with Next Gen templates?

At the time of launch we officially support 10 apps that you can embed in your Next Gen video templates. But we also support any app or webpage that offers oEmbed links: just paste in the video, calendar, form, page URL.

Here’s the complete list of launch apps, and here's a support doc showing you how to create your own Next Gen templates.

  • Bonjoro videos (screen recordings made with Bonjoro Chrome)
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube
  • Calendly
  • Demio
  • Jotform
  • Google Docs
  • Google Forms
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides

...way more to be announced soon. Let us know what you would like to see by hitting us up on our Livechat!

N. B. We don't support HTML embeds just yet, so they will not work if try embedding those links.

Workflow filters

Are you ready for the next great feature of Bonjoro 2.0?

Let’s take a look at Workflow Filters.

Bonjoro’s standard workflows allow you to trigger Bonjoro tasks based on specific customer events or tags inside your CRM or other tools. Events like new subscriber, new donor, or purchase made.

These workflows are at the heart of helping you create incredible customer relationships at scale.

But sometimes pulling in ALL new purchases, or ALL new subscribers is not required, and can make completing your Bonjoro video tasks overwhelming. This is where Workflow Filters come in.

Workflow Filters let you create tasks based on applying conditional logic to custom attributes inside your CRM or other tools.

This isn’t just about managing your tasks though. This means you can create far more relevant and personal experiences for your customers. 

How you can use workflow filters

Let me show you some more examples of how you can use workflow filters to deliver way better customer experiences.

1. Onboard different user cohorts with unique messaging

Let’s imagine you run a SaaS company like Bonjoro. You get 100 trials a day. Sending a personal welcome video to every single one is a great target, but depending on the size of your team, perhaps unsustainable.

With Workflow filters, you can now create Bonjoro tasks for only a specific cohort of users. At Bonjoro we ask every new signup the size of their company, and what they want to do with Bonjoro on our signup form. Now with Workflow filters we could do a couple of different things:

  • We could create a filter to only create tasks for customers whose company size is “11-50 employees” and above, for example.
  • Or we could assign those users who want to use Bonjoro to “thank buyers' to someone on our team who specialises in onboarding eCommerce companies.

The possibilities are endless really. But the key is creating deeply personalized experiences for your customers.

Think about that second example. When have you ever received a personalized onboarding video where the customer success representative knew exactly who you were, what you wanted to achieve with their product, AND was deeply experienced in your field? The chance of you engaging and properly activating with that product suddenly goes up exponentially.

Here’s an example of one Bonjoro SaaS customer who took MRR from $20k to $50k in just a few months using a similar approach to this.

2. Thank buyers based on purchase value, repeat purchases, or timezone

Thousands of eCommerce companies use Bonjoro to thank their customers when they make a purchase. It’s a great way to build a loyal customer base who leave you great reviews and come back to purchase again and again.

Just ask Bewilderbeest who uses hilarious thank you videos to turn a £3 purchase into a £1000+ customer.

Now with Workflow filters you can take customer thanking to the next level. Whether you are in eCommerce or running a charity using conditional logic based on attributes in your store or CRM makes thanking even more scalable and delightful. Here’s a couple of things you could do:

  • You can now create video tasks for customers who bought items of a specific value, or who’ve bought from you a specific number of times, based on those fields inside your eCommerce store.
  • You could create a message template linking to a special discount for loyal customers who have made lifetime purchases over a certain threshold.

Again, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Just think deeply about the data you collect from your customers or donors, and what would create a truly delightful experience for them, and the rest will fall into place.

3. Assign new signups or leads to team members in the right timezone

Let’s imagine that you run a global company, and you get leads, customers or subscribers from different regions, on different timezones. You can now use filters to assign tasks to team members based in the same timezone as the customer. This works for so many different use-cases and industries. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

  • You could route new donor tasks to specific team members inside your charity based on where the donation came from, so someone in the right time zone and region can send a timely thank you.
  • You could assign new signups, or members to your Customer Success team on the same timezone. This will inspire confidence in your support process, and make it easy for your customer to book a call (you could use a Next Gen template!) or access timely support.
  • You could even assign sales leads to the right reps based on who will be best placed to nurture that lead and get them on a face to face demo. Workflow filters makes this process super easy and scalable, and gives your sales team a unique advantage over the competition.

4. Motivating students or members to improve activation and retention

This one's for all of our online educators out there. You are our biggest cohort of Bonjoro customers, so here’s some tailor-made Workflow filter ideas just for you.

Think about the journey of your student for a minute. They arrive at your site, decide to make that commitment, and then their inside learning and engaging with your content. Workflow filters are perfect for motivating and rewarding them at important moments so they stick around and have an amazing experience.

Here’s a couple of example workflows that you can now achieve with Filters:

  • Trigger Bonjoro tasks for students who complete a course AND get a certain grade. You will get notified in Bonjoro, and know exactly what message you need to send to celebrate with them and let them know personally how much you value their work.
  • You could even route different new applicants to different team members depending on what they answer in your application form. For example if they want guitar tuition, you could assign those tasks to your guitar teacher.

That’s just two quick examples, but we’re excited to learn from you guys here. Let us know what you think of, and what you achieve with filters, and we would love to publish your story on our site.

So that’s Workflow filters. An upgrade to Bonjoro Workflows that unlocks a whole new world of personalization!

Other features landing in Bonjoro 2.0

That's not the end of it, we're also upgrading many other elements of the core Bonjoro experience. Here's just a few changes you can expect to see inside Bonjoro:

Custom domains

Last month we released custom subdomains. With this release, all Bonjoro customers on the Grrrowth and Company plans can host their video on a fully custom domain, like To activate your custom domain just head to Settings -> Domains inside your Bonjoro account.

Upload videos to your video library

You are now able to upload videos into your Bonjoro video library. This will help you share your existing video assets with your Bonjoro templates, and easily create video playlists using our new Next Gen templates system. Just head to your Video Library and click on the "Upload Video" button.

Default templates for each workflow

You can now assign a default template to each workflow. Say for example, you created a Next Gen template for your "new trial onboarding" workflow, by selecting it as a default template, it will automatically apply to any videos you send for that workflow. Just another little time-saver to help you deliver truly personalized experiences at scale! Head to Integrations to set this up now.

Team Notifications 

You now have the option to send notifications to only the team member assigned to tasks in your team account. This makes is easy for your team members to focus on their work, and helps you keep every member of your team focused on the customers and leads that are unique to them. To activate this for your team head to Settings -> Team, and click on "Notify assigned team members only".

How to get Bonjoro 2.0

If you're excited by this release and want to get your hands on any of these features, you'll need Bonjoro's Pro plan or above. Check out our Pricing plans here, then sign up for your free 14 day trial here.

After you sign up, watch out for a personal onboarding video from us - you'll experience for yourself what Bonjoro 2.0 is all about :)

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