Introducing Bonjoro's Most Powerful Feature: Automations

Author Avatar Oliver Bridge wrote this on Dec 4, 2017

*Updated July 2018 - click here for a full list of our active integrations*

For the last few months we've been working on something special to make sending Bonjoros easier and more enjoyable than ever. Today, we're pleased and proud to unveil our new, extremely shiny, supercharged automations.

This new feature lets you integrate Bonjoro to your CRM quickly and easily so you always know who you need to send a Bonjoro to and why. We haven't timed how long it takes to set up, but it's definitely not very many minutes. Like, less than five.

Here’s a step by step guide to integrating with your CRM and activating your own automations.

Step 1. Select a Service

Choose the app you want to connect to Bonjoro. Right now we link directly with Intercom, Mailchimp and ConvertKit, but we have many more apps on the way. Tell us which apps you’d like to see us integrate with by tweeting us @bonjoroapp

Step 2. Choose a “Trigger”

A Trigger is an event that takes place in your external app.

In this example, we're using the ConvertKit Automation. These are 3 different types of "Trigger" for ConvertKit (see screenshot below). Just choose the Trigger you'd like, for example “New Form Subscriber”, then hit Continue. 

Step 3. Connect your account

Connect to your third-party app so Bonjoro can do its thing! Just hit "Add an Account” and follow the instructions for your app. 

Once that’s done, click "Test" if you want to test the connection between your app and Bonjoro, or just hit "Select", and "Continue". 

Step 4. Configure your Trigger

You can now set up your configuration for the Trigger. In this example we have connected a Mailchimp account and we are choosing to pull all future “Verbate Blog Subscribers” into Bonjoro. 

Step 5. Setup your Action

An Action is an event that you want to happen in the Bonjoro app.

Once the Trigger is set up, you just need to add the Action and you’re ready to start. In the screenshot below, I’m selecting the Bonjoro app... 

...and adding the specific Action, “Create Bonjoro” 

Step 6. Configure your Action

Lastly, but most importantly you need to configure your Action. Here I’m selecting who the Bonjoro should be assigned to, and entering a “Reason” for sending this customer a Bonjoro. Adding a reason is super helpful as it allows the Bonjoro filmer (you, or a team member) to know exactly where this person came from and why you are sending them a Bonjoro.

This means you can just pick up your phone, open the app and get recording, without having to reference any external lists. Less time planning, more time sending Bonjoros to happy customers! 

*checkout the hot Emojis! Emojis are good - please use Emojis 🐻

Step 7 - Name your Automation and switch it on

The finishing touch is to give your Automation a name, and turn it on! After that, you’re all set. You can come back to edit it later, or switch it off if you no longer need it running. 

From here, just open your Bonjoro app and get recording. Your new assignees will be ready and waiting in the app so you don't have to spend any time entering email addresses or remembering why you need to send someone a message.


What apps do you support now?

*Updated July 2018 - click here for a full list of our active integrations*

What apps do you plan to support?

See link above

How do I get started?

Log in to your account and head over to the automations tab to set up your own custom automations today.

What if you don't support my CRM?

While we're busy building more direct integrations, you can connect most other apps to Bonjoro via Zapier. Find out more about it here.

Can I request an automation?

Sure! We’re already busy reaching out to all of our customers and totting up the most requested apps. You can tell us yours by tweeting us.

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