ActiveCampaign and Bonjoro Make Following Up with Webinar Attendees Easy

Oliver Bridge

ActiveCampaign’s multi-faceted approach to customer experience automation makes it ideal for lead capture and conversion.

If you’re an ActiveCampaign user, you’re hopefully already using webinars as a method of attracting leads and sending them further down your conversion funnel.

Following up with webinar attendees is almost as important as getting them to attend, and Bonjoro’s personalized videos are a great way to do so. If you had the same idea - you’re in luck, as Bonjoro and AC integrate natively. 

Let’s go through setting up this workflow, improving your lead generation efforts, and boosting conversion rates.

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Connect Bonjoro and ActiveCampaign

To start, you need to connect Bonjoro and ActiveCampaign, and set up an automated workflow.

You can do this inside Bonjoro’s dashboard, but in this guide we'll explain how to do it from inside your ActiveCampaign account. And if you like what you read here, you can quickly import the recipe for this automation into your AC account right here.

OK, are you following? Here we go.

First up, login to your ActiveCampaign account and head to Automations.

To start this automation, you'll want to select what triggers it, for webinar follow-ups this will likely be "subscribes to a list" or "tag added". For example if someone attended your webinar you could subscribe them all to a list named "Webinar attendees [webinar name]", or simply tag them as "Webinar attended [webinar name]".

Next, you'll want to select what "action" happens when this trigger fires. The action will be to create a task inside your Bonjoro account, so you can fire off a super personal video to your attendee to thank them, and encourage them to take that next step with your business. It could be joining your community, or getting a free trial. Whatever your goal, your personalized video will give you the best chance to convert each lead.

To do this, click to add an action, and select CX apps:

Then scroll down and select Bonjoro:

Then just run through the steps to connect your ActiveCampaign account to Bonjoro, and you'll end up with an automation that looks something like this:

Next up. Let's prepare the video you're going to send to each webinar attendee. To do this you'll need to login to Bonjoro to create your video template.

Ready-up a Bonjoro template

To further optimize this workflow, you can make a Bonjoro video template. In it, you can determine all the content that will go with the personalized videos you’ll be sending to attendees - textual messages, CTAs, surveys, resource links, and much more.

For webinar attendees you'll want to use your video to outline the best next-step, and use your CTA button on your video to drive that action.

For example if you offer a free trial of your product, follow-up with a personal video where you thank them for attending the webinar, and then segway into explaining the benefits of your product for their industry, and details of how to kick-start their free trial.

Here's a helpful video showing you how to create a message template for your videos:

Create a Bonjoro when notified

The workflow you set up will now automatically create a Bonjoro Task for contact whenever they’ve attended your webinar. You’ll immediately receive a notification telling you to shoot a video for them. Record the video, attach the template you’ve made and click ‘Send’.

Here's another video showing you how to record your videos from the Bonjoro web and mobile apps - whichever suits you best!

That’s pretty much it, now you can focus on making great personal videos that are sure to impress your leads and help you turn them into customers!

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