5 Strategies to Improve Email Opt-in Rates

Oliver Bridge

Email marketing is a key owned media channel for businesses and while there are some who say it’s been surpassed by other channels–email is far from dead. As part of an effective omnichannel strategy, email and video are key components in every brand’s connection to their audience.

In order to enjoy the benefits of email marketing, you’ll need to have a robust database full of high-value subscribers, interested in hearing from your brand–but how do you get them? Effective email lead capture pop-ups on your website. We’ll dive into five strategies to improve your email opt-in rates to grow your database and improve the efficacy of your email campaigns.

1. Targeting Paid Media Traffic

If you run ad campaigns (Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)--you know those costs can add up quickly. That’s why it’s crucial to create targeted lead captures to collect information from these visitors that you’ve already paid to drive. 

Dynamically pull in offers/coupons, source name, even keywords to a lead capture promotion on your website to personalize their first touchpoint with your brand making them more likely to subscribe and give you the chance to continue the conversation later on.

A seamless transition from off-site to on will improve the user experience making them more likely to opt-in and ultimately convert all while improving your return on ad spend (ROAS).

2. A/B Test Incentives

If your lead captures aren’t performing (or even if they are just not as well as you’d like), it may be because you aren’t offering your visitors value in return. Test options like $ vs. % off, a big-ticket giveaway, free gift, shipping, etc. 

Find what your target audience is wanting/most driven by–sometimes the answer may surprise you!

Justuno users have found in the past that in certain industries' customers aren’t swayed by the use of a coupon code vs. not, making it pointless to use as an incentive in lead captures. For example, home & garden brands have the same conversion and opt-in rates for lead captures with a coupon as they do without–making it a useless reduction in profit margin that their customers aren’t even interested in!

3. Quizzes

Quizzes are all the rage these days and for good reason! They’re an invaluable resource for collecting zero-party data from consumers while simultaneously providing shoppers with real value.

Quizzes help shoppers find the right product for their needs while also providing data points to personalize their welcome email series later on. For example, a shade finder quiz for foundations that can provide information like skin type, concerns, etc. for future product recommendations.

Add an email field on the last screen of the quiz to have their results/product recommendations sent directly to their inbox to reference later. You’ll collect their email, and be able to educate them on products via long-form email content all while making their shopping experience easier rather than overwhelming.

4. Out of Stock/Product Releases

We’re all well aware of the shipping delays and supply chain issues that have been experienced in practically every industry. Combine that with the possibility of going viral on TikTok or Instagram, or simply building up hype for a product drop and you’ve got a great opportunity to collect emails.

For products that are out of stock or coming soon–have an email sign-up on their product description page (PDP) to be the first to know when it’s back. This will be a high-intent segment, almost guaranteed to buy as soon as you have the inventory that can be re-marketed to later on & has self-selected into a clear preference category.

If you have long wait times between when they sign up and the product will be arriving, send out emails to get them excited, learn more about your brand, and keep them engaged so they’re ready to convert when you finally launch!

5. Gamification

Not every brand has the right aesthetic/personality for this but when you do gamification is an effective way to boost opt-in rates with Justuno users averaging a 13% opt-in rate (some industries are far above that even!)

Choose from the traditional spin-to-win, slot machines, mystery prize, etc. all of which can be customized with nearly endless options to fit your branding exactly.

These are great for collecting emails because they’re highly engaging and make a lasting impression on new visitors. Plus, they give them the chance to have a bit more fun with email opt-ins making it harder to resist!

Interested in creating dynamic onsite lead captures like the ones we listed above? Reach out to Justuno for a demo or start a free 14-day trial to get started converting and see why our customers see an average 135% increase in revenue during year one!

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