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"Wow! More than 80% of my customers replied to my Bonjoros saying they knew they’d spent their money in the right place"

Pat Flynn - CEO Smart Passive Income
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Delight your customers with personal videos

Bonjoro lets you send quick personal videos to new leads and customers, to stand out, build relationships, and make more sales.

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Join over 50,000 brands growing better customer relationships

Join over 50,000 businesses using Bonjoro to grow revenue and relationships

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Bonjoro Video messaging

Get 3X more replies and conversions vs. plain-text emails

It's harder than ever to connect via email. Bonjoro helps you get 3X more engagement than plain-text emails by sending quick personal videos at key moments in the customer journey.
How it works:

Integrate with your CRM

Connect to your existing CRM to send personal videos at key moments in your customers journey.

Send personal video messages

Record quick video messages to ensure each customer feels truly valued and supported.

Grow revenue & relationships

Get up to 3X more replies and conversions vs. traditional text based emails.
The results of our Bonjoro video emails so far have been $16,200 extra sales within 4 weeks!
Christo Hall | Owner of Basic Bananas
powerful integrations
Send videos at the perfect moment by connecting your tools to Bonjoro

Bonjoro Testimonials

Boost your website conversions by 80% with customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are the quickest way to increase trust in your offer. Bonjoro Testimonials lets you effortlessly gather video and text testimonials to transform your website and socials with compelling social proof.
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How it works

Collect testimonials with ease

Create & share customer-friendly testimonial requests to gather video and written testimonials.

Manage in one place

Store all of your testimonials in one place to keep your customer feedback organized & searchable.

Publish in seconds

Publish testimonials to your website using our beautiful embeds, or share via social media or email.
I am loving the responses we are receiving! We are thrilled with the outcome and are looking forward to using this for more of our programs and recommending it to our thousands of students as well!
Brittani Baker | Community Manager @ Amy Porterfield Inc
Grow faster with customer testimonials
Capture customer love
Store it all in one location
Share it with the world
Increase your conversion rates
Grow your revenue faster

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P.S. This Wall of Love increased our own sign up rate from 10.8% to 14.4% 🔥

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Stand out in the inbox
Delight your customers
Get more replies vs. regular email
Convert more leads into sales
Build customers for life
use cases
Use Bonjoro video messaging for
Making more sales
• Lead nurture videos • Sales follow-ups • Pre-demo intros
Building community
• Community invites • Testimonial requests • Partner updates
Supporting customers
• Welcome videos • Customer thanking • Support requests
Explore video funnels
Why Bonjoro
Automate processes, not customer relationships
Whilst we love automation for saving time, when used the wrong way, it can quickly erode trust in your brand, and lead to declining engagement. Think of all those irrelevant emails you get every day, pumped out mindlessly by some email automation or drip sequence. We're on a mission to combine automation with personalization in just the right measure, to give customers what they really want; delightful, relevant experiences that help them see the humanity behind your brand. Video messaging and testimonials is just the start. Join us as we venture further on this journey together.

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