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Build amazing customer relationships with video

Convert, retain, and grow your customers with delightful personal video emails sent at just the right moment.

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"Bonjoro is just an awesome way to engage with our clients!"

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💡 Bonjoro vs. Email

The average email open rate is 21%
Bonjoro customers average over 60%

Treat your customers better

Your leads and customers are bombarded with hundreds of robotic and irrelevant emails every day. Bonjoro video-emails help you stand out in the inbox, win trust, and create real and lasting relationships with your customers.

Create personalized video-emails at scale

Whether you're starting out or scaling up, Bonjoro gives you all the tools you need to create truly personal experiences for your leads and customers, in one simple-to-use platform.

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“Since adding Bonjoro, 75% of my customers have replied with an email saying how surprised and delighted they were to receive my video."

Melissa Love Podcast Host, Mindlove

Spark relationships and drive action

Bonjoro's unique features make it easy to truly personalize each video-email you send, meaning you'll drive more clicks, get more replies, and build stronger customer relationships.

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"I tested Bonjoro videos against text based emails, and my conversion rate from inbound leads leapt from 6.5% to 16%!"

John Sonmez Founder, Bulldog Mindset

Power up your existing workflows

Connect Bonjoro to your existing tools to send personalized video-emails at key moments in your customer’s journey. When a trigger event takes place, you can quickly record your video and make a connection.

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“When people register I’ve hooked it into Mailchimp. It is a billion times better than sending an email - I think it shows people I’m genuinely interested in them."

Marshall Hughes Founder & CEO, Passel

Over 20,000 businesses are winning loyal superfans with Bonjoro

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Not sure where to start with video-email? Read our playbook...

From converting more leads, to winning back past customers, we built you a playbook of simple, proven ways to use personalized videos in your own business.

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Wondering if Bonjoro integrates with your tools? Take a look...

Bonjoro works in tandem with all of your existing business tools to let you send video-emails at the perfect moment in your customers' journey. Choose from over 1000 possible integrations to power your Bonjoro video workflows.

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I love Bonjoro. Every time we sell a ticket, we send a Bonjoro to thank them. We get such a great open rate! Something like 85%+, which we just don't get on email.

Paul at Marketed Inc explains why his whole team loves Bonjoro

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