Bonjoro's Black Friday Thankathon

Free Bonjoro access during Black Friday (worth $99)
Send thank-you videos at scale to delight buyers
Get 30% more repeat sales and 5-star reviews
Join the Black Friday Thankathon

Join the world’s biggest ever customer appreciation event for eCommerce sellers the world over.

Start date: July 14th 2023 Goal: 100,000 videos sent Prize for most videos: Sony ZV-1

Goal: 100,000 thank-you videos sent

Prize for most videos sent: Sony ZV-1

Send thank-you videos at scale to turn your Black Friday sales into customers for life!

Thank you cards, thank you notes, thank you emails. Customers have seen them all a thousand times before. It’s time for a new approach this Black Friday:

Send personal thank-you videos to your Black Friday buyers

Delight your customers at scale. With Bonjoro, you’ll be capable of sending out thousands of thank you videos, each one adding a personal touch to your customer relationships.

Get over 30% more repeat sales and reviews

Get instant results. We've helped thousands of Ecommerce stores implement this strategy. Many see immediate results with reviews and repeat sales often increasing over 30%

Learn from a vibrant Ecommerce owners community

You’ll get the chance to discover new tactics, share insights, and learn from others in the ecommerce industry, all committed to bettering their customer relationships.

Here's how to get involved: (includes free Bonjoro access worth $99)

Turn your Black Friday buyers into customer superfans through a new approach to customer thanking!

Step 1: Join the community

Click below to join our Thankathon community on Circle. You’ll have plenty of like-minded peers to share this experience with and learn from!
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Step 2: Get free Bonjoro access

We'll upgrade your Bonjoro account to the Grrrowth plan for the rest of November. Our Grrrowth plan includes 1:many videos, to help you thank customers at scale. N.B. Existing customers can get upgraded too - just contact us via LiveChat!

Step 3: Win customers for life

Send thank-you videos at speed and scale to surprise and delight your buyers. Follow in the footsteps of existing Bonjoro power users and win tons of customer superfans!
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Join the Black Friday Thankathon

Frequently asked questions

Create a "scalable customer thanking system". What does that mean?

I’m not comfortable on camera. Will I be able to pull this off?

Will this really lead to more 30% more sales and 5-star reviews?

I’m not sure how to make a thank you video that stands out. What should I even say?

I’m not very tech-savvy. What if I can’t figure out how to make or send the videos?

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