Become a video messaging super-team

Assemble your entire business into a team of customer engagement heroes with a host of team-based features

Become a video super team

Unlimited team members

Unlock customer engagement superpowers for your entire organization with our unlimited team plan for just $499 per month.

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    Admin & filmer accounts

    Invite team members with just a few clicks, and set different permission levels for each team member.

    • Create workflows and templates for your team
    • Keep them focused on recording great videos

    Team workspaces

    Create private Bonjoro workspaces for your different teams. Assign relevant video templates, video library recordings, and video tasks to each workspace.

    • Filter your tasks and results by specific workspace
    • Share best-performing video templates and recordings

    Team notifications

    Notify specific team members about tasks inside their workspace to keep every member of your team focused on the video tasks unique to them.

    • Help your team engage with leads in a timely manner
    • Keep everyone accountable and engaged

    Team inboxes

    Manage your customer conversations in dedicated team inboxes to stay fully aligned on active conversations with your leads and customers.

    • Manage customer conversations from a familiar CRM style inbox
    • Filter your replies by specific workspace and interaction
    • Build amazing customer relationships as a team

    Over 20,000 businesses are converting more customers with Bonjoro

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    Data exports

    Export all of your Bonjoro engagement data into a CSV file for external reporting.

    • Unlimited data exports to analyze using your external tools
    • Compare the effectiveness of workflows and templates

    Team training

    Book training sessions with your team to get everyone up to speed, and learn how to maximise your results with Bonjoro.

    • Benefit from our 5 years experience with personalized video
    • Get ideas and inspiration for levelling up your existing funnels

    Ready to start your journey with Bonjoro?

    See how quickly personalized video can change your business. Bonjoro plans start at $0 per month.

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