Get more customer engagement

Add some punch to your videos with unique engagement features that make it easy for your customers to take action and respond

Get more customer engagement

Best in class delivery

Benefit from Bonjoro’s robust delivery reputation that averages over 60% open rates across our customer base.

  • Connect via CNAME or Gmail and Outlook OAuth
  • Track every single step of your videos' journey
  • Join over 20,000 others getting great results

Video templates

Create saved video landing pages and email templates for different moments in the customer journey, and add CTAs to drive action.

  • Upload your own logo and video background to stay on brand
  • Get customers to take that next step with eye-catching CTAs

Next Gen templates

Power-up your templates by adding video playlists, or embedding CTAs into your video landing page with apps for calendar bookings, reviews, surveys and more.

  • Embed pre-recorded videos beneath your personal videos
  • Add booking forms and surveys right on your video landing page
  • Create unique experiences for your leads and customers

Customer context

Pull in custom fields from your CRM or tools, to personalize your messages at the time of recording.

  • See all of your important customer data at the time of recording
  • Work quickly, with no need to constantly refer to your CRM
  • Deliver hyper-personal and relevant messages that wow customers

Over 20,000 businesses are converting more customers with Bonjoro

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Text replies

Customers can reply directly on your videos so you can spark great conversations and relationships.

  • Have quick and natural conversations via DM
  • Turn those replies into action and revenue

Video Replies

Customers can send video responses back to your messages. Use to gather feedback, or testimonials.

  • Your recipient can respond with video
  • Take customer relationships to the next level

Engagement notifications

Get notified when customers interact with your videos, so you can follow up quickly.

  • Push or email notifications based on your own preferences


Manage all of your replies and conversations in one unified inbox.

  • Grow your best customer relationships right inside Bonjoro
  • Filter by engagement type to follow-up with your hottest leads

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