Done-for-you video service from Bonjoro

Bonjoro has introduced a first-in-class, done for you personal video service. Starting from $1/video - contact us to apply.

"The results of our videos was $16,200 extra sales in just 4 weeks!"

Christo Hall, Basic Bananas

Why done-for-you?

Get more sales without the time commitment

In 2021, most of us are aware of the impact of personal video. Engagement rates go through the roof and it creates an instant bond with the brand. But as you grow, you might run out of time to record them.

    Outsource to us

    Our team will record videos for you

    It’s simple. We help you build amazing customer relationships by recording and sending personalized videos on your behalf. Say, you want to thank each new buyer this holiday season. We got you covered!

      Benefit from our experience

      Select recorders from our experienced team

      All our recorders are experienced with delivering engaging and memorable videos. But the great part of this service is you can request a style and approach that fits your audience!

        Simple pricing

        On-Demand - from $1/video

        Our pricing is transparent, and scales perfectly with your usage. Just tell us how many videos you need each month, and we'll do the rest.

        • We recruit, vet, and train video filmers to your specifications
        • We set up any required integrations with your CRM/ESP
        • We manage and optimise your campaign
        • You get full access to Bonjoro to track results

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