Send Business Christmas Cards by Video Email

Send personalized business Christmas cards with Bonjoro's video email platform. Send your first 50 video-emails for free.

"Bonjoro is the easiest way to send personal video messages!"

Steve Palfreyman, Music Launch Hub

How to send your Christmas video-emails in 3 simple steps

It'll take you about 5 minutes to create your festive video template with Bonjoro, then about 30 seconds to record each video. Here's how it works:

Step 1. Create your festive video template

  • Create a free Bonjoro account
  • Customize your video landing page
  • Add fun Christmas backgrounds
Download free festive templates

Step 2. Send your videos from desktop or mobile

  • Record your videos on any device
  • Apply your festive template with one click
  • Send directly to your customer's email inbox
See all Bonjoro features

Step 3. Receive delighted replies from customers

  • Customers can reply to your videos by quick DM
  • They can even reply by video without downloading anything
  • Spark stronger customer relationships for 2022

Step 4. Track all of your video sending

  • Track every moment of your videos' journey
  • See when customers open, watch, and interact with your videos
  • Get notified so you can follow up in a timely fashion

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